Saturday, July 13, 2013

Random Match #61 - Churchill III Ace Tanker

Youtube Dream Team - Part 9

Skin T69

Remodeling T110E5


- Sturmpanzer Bär is decribed in sources that are serious enough to use, according to SerB
- separate server for “boss fights” á la White Tiger is not planned (SS: some time ago there was an event where 15 T-34/85′s fought one White Tiger tank, controlled by a WG employee I think)
- theoretically there is enough material for 5 German TD branches, but that’s not planned for now
- SerB on War Thunder tanks: “I am interested in how you can make a mass-played hardcore simulator. And, yes, how much of the hardcoreness/historicity will remain in it in the end.”
- rear-turret Soviet tanks: A-44 (3 pieces), Object 416 and Shashmurin’s tank

- no plans to introduce Panzer IV with sloped frontal armor wand with 88mm Panther Schmalturm, because SerB thinks they were apparently fake and states that “reconstructed” tanks will be used only to fill tree holes and that there are no tree holes around tier 6 in German medium tree (SS: actually, Panzer IV Ausf.K (Ausf.H with sloped frontal armor) from January 1943 is historical, you can find it in Panzer Tracts by Doyle):
- SerB states that the high damage of British hightier HE shells is intentional specific of the British tech tree
- the FV215b 183 HE shell penetration is lower than one would guess from its caliber, because “those are conventional marine shells”
- “no more than usual (on other tanks)” amount of players use gold shells on FV215b 183
- new awards? “when it’s done it’s done”
- developers are implementing roaming, because “it’s interesting to play ‘over the hill’ (SS: as in ‘on the other side’, somewhere else) for a while”
- rocket and flamethrower tanks will be implemented in the future
- SerB on amphibious tanks: “Performance-wise, amphibious tanks are generally inferior to regular tanks. Their only advantage is that they can cross bodies of water and attack at unexpected places. On 1x1km maps, this is practically useless – all the space is covered, so this feature is waiting for bigger maps.”
- there is an idea for a “thanks system” (SS: as in the opposite of ingame report system – you’d thank someone), but it’s not implemented yet, because it depends on other game features implementation
- SU-122A moves worse than SU-76, despite it being lighter and having more powerful engine, simply because it’s an arty (balance)
- WoT Blitz (for mobile devices), there might be an “improved” version for Ipad4 instead of Ipad2, too early to tell
- the accounts of WoT and WoT:B will definitely not be synchronized, it’s two different games
- another team than the one of WoT develops WoT:B
- WoT:B is now still in pre-alpha stage
- WoWp battles are very short, because SerB states that according to tests, prolonged battles in 3D space are tiring
- A-44 with 107mm can be considered a heavy (SS: if I understand this correctly), IS-2M (“Shashmurin”) however is not T10 material

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