Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More Epic Wins

Remodeling ELC AMX

XVM Updater 2.3 by LaCourgette

Remodeling Gw Panther

Skin Centurion

Skin Bat Chatillon 25 t

Skin Lowe

Skin Centurion Mk. 7/1 — Mk3

Skin M18 Hellcat

Remodeling T-34-85


- German armor too thin at welds (meeting point) of upper and lower frontal armor? SerB considers it a conspiracy theory
- BT-7 is not equipped with a historical 76mm gun ingame, because for that it would need 3rd turret – if it is ever added, SerB will think about it (and this concerns T-26 too)

- some player was moaning about AMX 13 105AM arty, that its gun is too weak for its tier, a developer (Marschig) says that by transferring it to tier 5, its MM spread has actually decreased than it was before
- the thickness of the bottom armor of the tank is also historical (in other words: if a HE shell lands under the tank, the splash will encounter the bottom armor, which is practically non-existent.
- Komarin and Swamp are still bound to return at some point