Friday, July 19, 2013


- SerB is apparently in France in Fontainbleau (lolwut, how about a Q&A session for EU players?), he’ll be in Chicago in August to oversee the Xbox 360 WoT
- the implementation of an additional spaced armor equipment is only assumed, not confirmed. SerB is hopeful that it will be implemented, but they didn’t get to it yet
- roaming (players playing on other servers temporarily) will be blocked during patch update days (so players with an updated client – Russians, who get the patch sooner – don’t try to connect to the yet unupdated EU/US servers)
- the various 105mm L7 stats (when comparing British and German toptiers) are caused by “different turret construction”
- SerB states that the space behind the mantlet is indeed empty (0 armor), but where the mantlet overlaps with frontal turret armor, the thickness is doubled
SS: for those who have not seen armor schematics yet – a lot of players assume that the mantlet simply doubles the frontal turret armor thickness. This is not true. There is a hole behind the mantlet, that has 0 armor and is there to allow gun movement. Only rims of the mantlet overlap with frontal turret armor, the center is usually just the mantlet (so if you decide to shoot the mantlet for some reason, aim close to the gun). Everything has its pros and cons – the bigger the hole, the better the elevation/depression usually is.
- some crew faces will be added to the game, but not too many
- WG does have the T34 commander copula armor thickness data (SS: whatever that means, but IIRC there was a T3X series armor nerf in discussion, SerB however also stated they won’t touch the T34)
- SerB on Storm’s vacation: “He’s on vacation. To get him to go outside of Belarus is like trying to push Maus with a Matilda up the lighthouse mountain on Cliffs”
- 7/42 format and other cybersport options are still planned
- banned mods list is apparently not retroactive: if a mod is banned, players, who used it before before the official ban won’t be punished (even if WG had proofs)
- the M48A1 turret with 105mm ingame is historical and it won’t be changed
- developers are thinking of removing the company battle feature where a part of loser’s profit goes to the winning team, they consider this feature a failure
- the WoWp feature of comparing characteristis with your enemies won’t be implemented into the WoT
- a player suggested (since the devs stated it’s impossible to introduce free ammo/consumables for training battles) to actually do it the other way around: to compensate after battle for money spent on shells and consumables. SerB stated WG won’t do that, because it’s “financially dangerous”

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