Sunday, July 21, 2013

studio70RU - Blue Ostrich

Subscriber Replay #20 - Crusader on Steppes

Maus Steel Wall

№5 kara4i (КВ-3)

№4 kara4i (T110E5)

№3 kara4i (E-100)

№2 kara4i (T71)

№1 kara4i (T110E5)

Subscriber Replay #21 - T28 on Fjords

Attack of the Teeny Tank Brigade

Skin IS-4M

Skin Hetzer

Skin AMX 50 Foch

Painted Wheels By Ganjalezz

Skin E-25

Skin VK3002DB

Skin T54 E1

WOT Tank Viewer 1.0.7

Remodeling JagdPz E-100

Remodeling Ferdinand