Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tank Model Contest - JagdPanther Entry #3

Epic Win TD"S

Damage Panel 8.7

Dikey93 Sniper & Arty Scope

White Sniper Scopes

Black Edges In Sniper Mod Remover

Unzip to res_mods/0.8.7/gui/flash.

ZOOM Out Mod 8.7

Download Link

For those who have problems with their systems (for some reason the first link is not working for everyone) here is another one:

Download Link

And another one:

Download Link

Frag Movie #2

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Indien Panzer Gameplay Review

Amway921 Mod Pack 8.7

Tank Model Contest - Tiger H Entry #2

Jove Mod Pack 8.7

Damage Panel 8.7 By Dellux

Skin T-54

Skin SU-85

Skin KV-3

Skin IS-3

Remodeling Pz III

Anime Skin KV-1s

Skin E-25

Skin Indien Panzer

Skin IS

Skin T-60

Deedie 3D Scope 8.7