Thursday, July 25, 2013

Black Edges Remover 8.7

Desert Garage 8.7

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Black& White Hit Zones

Enhanced Tank Textures

Zoom In/Out Mod x2 x4 x8 x10 - x30 (10 positions) With No Scroll Function

If, for some reason You don't need the no scroll function just delete the NoScroll.xml file.

White Minimalistic Sight


- SerB states that “everything, that could be done to make the training room battles easier for the players without risks to the game was already done. Everything else is financially risky and won’t be implemented” (SS: in other words – no free/cheaper shells/repairs in training rooms or anything else, topic closed)
- SerB on Japanese tanks heavy branch (about where it will start from): “It’s a mess. Tier 3 heavy exists. Tier 6 and higher do exist also. But there’s a gaping hole on tier 4 and 5. So the heavy branch is not considered as done and won’t be released for now.”

- Soviet medium branch: T6 – A-43, T7 – A-44, T8 – 416, T9 – unknown, T10 – Object 430 (SS: it has been confirmed by SerB that Object 140 will NOT be a tier 9 vehicle. Other candidates? Hmmmm… hard to say, will have a look actually, there are possibilities)
- second British medium line with Vijayanta s tier 9? “No comment for now”
- 120mm gun on British meds? “At this moment, no”
- the length of HEAT shell jet stream depends on the caliber of the shell
- currently, WG people are scouring the Kharkov Malyschev archives to find an answer to one concrete question, possibly regarding Objects 416 and 430
- “outlandish” maps such as moon surface are not planned
- Q: “What’s the problem with introducing the Firefly?” A: “The fact we say ‘no comment’ doesn’t mean there is a problem”
- developers are not allowed to accept gifts from players
- Pearl River, Sacred Valley and Severogorsk maps not being fun to play? “How terrible x3″
- maps are tested internally (usíng automated tools), then on supertest and then on open test
- it’s possible the T-55 hull will be an optional hull for the T-54, but they didn’t differ much (SS: they were practically identical with the late T-54 model hulls)
- apparently, more improved modules/equipment for guns (like “improved muzzle brake”) are not planned
- HESH shells will possibly get a new simple, yet realistic mechanism (“when it’s done it’s done”)
- the split shells (separated into the shell and the charge) are modelled within the game by the fact that the guns that use them have lower rate of fire
- the biggest non-mortar caliber for a tank the developers encountered in the archives was 380mm
- T-55 Mod.1960 is too weak to be implemented as tier 10
- Japanese tank destroyer branch also faces problems (like the heavies), but there’s a chance to make it
- for now there are no suitable tier 10 light tank candidates (SerB states that they look at a lot of designs already, so no need to propose any), but if any are found, they might be implemented
- apparently, splash damage does count into the potential damage recieved
- there are no candidates for French medium premium tanks – what tanks there are will be apparently used for the AMX-30 branch to fill the holes in it
- the T-54 shells that were forcibly sold from the depot in 8.7 were apparently sold because they were scheduled to be sold in 8.6, but someone forgot
- weather effects are planned, they implementation depends on how much they will stress the game engine
- (additional) 45mm gun for KV-5 is not planned
- according to SerB, teaching materials (Youtube videos for example) on various tanks have (only a) little impact on the statistical performance of these vehicles
- starting branches of the Japanese tree will not contain the heavies
- Object 140 won’t be tier 9, because it’s an Omsk vehicle and SerB states that if they put this tank in a Kharkov branch, they’d probably shoot each other on the respawn point even without the players (SS: there was a rivalry between Omsk and Kharkov teams)
- tier 9 Soviet medium will be some rear-turret Object 430 design variant, that was rejected
- smokescreen generator/grenades? Same as weather: depends on the stress it puts on the client, “when it’s done it’s done”
- SerB doesn’t like playing on TD’s apparently
- second British TD branch – “when it’s done it’s done”, FV4005 has a chance of appearing in it
- SerB states he doesn’t remember whether the Lowe chassis was used for any TD/SPG designs, he says one was possibly the Bär (SS: AFAIK, no – it was a modified Tiger suspension)
- it’s possible that China will recieve a midtier premium light tank (SS: Type 64 was mentioned – a Taiwanese Duster hull with a Hellcat turret)
- SerB states that he doesn’t know, whether the rise of the KV-5 winrate on RU server was tied to the publication of one certain play guide on RU forums

J1mB0′s Crosshair Mod 8.7

J1mB0′s Contour Icon Mod 8.7

Texture Compression (0.8.7) -25%,6%,3%,0.75%

Important: This compression is NOT from AHuMex, I did not test this.

Author: sergej_g.

Instalation: copy to res/paskages, start .exe file, wait until Command Prompt closes.