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SU-122-44 Gameplay Review

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- A-32 tank underpowered? “How terrible”
- nerfs of previous patches unreasonable? “Your opinion is very important to us”
- average and maximum damage player statistic might be changed to not include the premium account influence (like in WoWp)
- Q: “Is the maximum amount of implemented premium tanks per patch somehow limited?” A: “Yes, 100 thousand.” (SS: in other words, no)

- Q: “From which tank will the new Soviet branch start?” A: “From a Soviet one”
- T-44 buff (including penetration, passability etc.)? “Stop whining and begging”
- T-111 (T-46-5) will be implemented in the future
- FV4202 wrongly modelled? “How terribly” (SS: a player complained that the angles are wrong and that the ingame model doesn’t look like the real FV4202)
- WoT Tweaker not supported and deleted from RU forums? “And where is it written that we have to support something?”
- the removal of premium account on player statistics is possible, but it has little priority
- clans of WG employees getting M60 tank for free without playing WG’s? “How unjust is the world!” (SS: it was explained earlier that WG employees get these tanks for testing)
- SerB on farming: “You farm on tier 5-6, if you want to farm online. In other words, you make money either in game, or outside of it.”
- MS-1 having the same camo factor as T-34? “How terrible”
- tank fording equipment (SS: to allow the tank to pass thru water without drowning) might be implemented as an equipment into the game (SS: SerB states “module”, but that would make little sense), but its chance of appearing is smaller than that of amphibious tanks, as it is difficult to implement correctly
- Pz S35 and FCM36 were not removed from the shops, because developers don’t consider them imbalanced
- regarding finding info on Japanese tanks: the Japanese archives don’t have the same problem as in China, where everything’s secret – a lot of Japanese archives were destroyed during bombings and for example from O-I, only one track piece remains in a museum
- Havok has nothing to do with the movement of tanks, which is calculated serverside, while Havok works clientside
- Japanese tier 10 medium tank should have roughly the same armor as Leopard 1 and Batchat, the concept was the same
- apparently, the balance weight of tier 8-9 tanks in 8.7 was not changed
- 8.8 Soviet branch tier 9 is still being uncovered, there is a paper variant of the Object 430 in Kharkov documents, but only little info is available (SS: which means 8.8 might come later than we hoped)
- apparently, the Highway map base balance is just fine
- Q: “When the option of creating companies on regular account was introduced, one developer mentioned that premium account will get some sort of buff, what will it be?” A: “Secret”
- apparently, the VK2801 gun depression is just fine (SS: some player complained that it’s less than it should be)
- SerB confirms that the Camouflage skill is counted based on crew average
- currently, HESH rounds have no additional effect on crew/modules than other types of rounds (SS: mechanics-wise, HESH rounds are HE rounds)
- free camera is already implemented into the client, but it has been disabled, because according to WG, it will only confuse/get in the way
- manual vertical aiming will be implemented in the future (SS: currently, player basically doesn’t aim on distance, the game does it for him – you just point and click, in the future, it might be possible to adjust the gun elevation manually without moving the reticle, so that the shell flies where you want to)
- SerB is still in France, he states that he will definitely grind the second Soviet med branch and the British arties, “when I get out of cities, where every 5th packet disappears”
- second German TD branch will NOT include Jagdpanther II
- WT E-100 might get its spaced side armor (“skirts”) removed, other armor will also be thinner
- apparently (SS: and I have no idea what this means), Wargaming has not given out the “API stats” for M60 and rating sites are not happy about it, on which SerB stated he doesn’t give a damn about
- serverside replays are still planned
- apparently, there are no formal “minimum” requirements for a vehicle to make it to the game, for example the E-50M was based on rumors only – that the Germans were creating a rear-transmission E-50
- Chaffee rebalance? “When it’s done it’s done” (SS: there were hints that it actually might happen in 8.8/8.9)
- RU251 German T8 LT? “When it’s done it’s done”
- MT-25 is unlocked from KV-1S, because both vehicles were made by the same designers
Q: Is there any talk of dumping
A: (Laera) We’re well aware of our recent connection issues and are currently researching our options.
Q: Any explanation as to what exactly the problem is (peering?), with who, or why?
A: (Laera) I understand your frustration and I totally agree that we need to be more transparent about the issue. Sadly, I don’t have any details to share at this time. While I am a new Community Manager here at Wargaming, I can tell you that I’ve sat in on some higher level meetings on this issue and is being taken very seriously.
Q: Will we ever get to see water displacement when not spotted, just like we can see a tree fall or building crumble… to see if tanks are wading in the water like in Live Oaks or Peral River?
A: I know there are plans to revisit building/environment physics in a future patch. Stay tuned!
Q: Can you give us any sneak peeks at the supposed new German tank destroyer line?
A: (Laera) Sadly, I have no new sneak peeks to give out at this time. :(
Q: Will there be missions in the future that reward more extravagant prizes, like gold or garage spaces?
A: (Major Rampage) The Missions system has a great deal of depth, and you will be seeing more complex mission in the future. We have UI for missions coming in a future update which will allow you to track your progress. With the UI complex mission will become viable and you will be seeing larger prizes for those.
Q: Do you guys communicate with the other servers and share ideas or something?
A: (Laera) We bounce ideas off each other all the time! If one region has shown great success in running a certain event or contest, other regions may often adopt it.
A2: (Major Rampage): We do work with the other servers. I collaborate with my counterparts on the other servers in regards to global events.
Q: Are there any plans to open up the cw map with more regions and more landings so that more than 30 clans can participate?
A: We are working on many ideas to improve clan wars and I think most of our goals line up pretty close with what the community wants to see as well.
Q: What ever happened to the Super Pershing?
A: (Hypnotik) When it is reintroduced after re-balancing, you’ll have the option to keep it or sell it for its gold value. This will be after 8.7, but I don’t have an official date for you yet unfortunately.

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