Saturday, July 27, 2013


- apparently, in 9.0 patch, chat will be reworked to another format on a separate server
- the ST-B1 (tier 10 medium tank) will carry a 105mm L7 clone
- the Waffentr├Ąger E-100 is already modelled
- Swamp and Komarin haven’t been re-introduced to the game, because there are other more pressing matters to attend to
- current stage Bigworld engine is capable of handling bigger battles than 15vs15, but 15vs15 is the optimal format, when it comes to server load, any other number will increase the server-resource-per-tank ratio
- Steam system and achievements support is not planned “for variety of reasons”, which won’t be disclosed
- Wargaming now owns the complete Master of Orion franchise, including planet and race names, SerB “will see”, whether WG will cooperate with famous Russian scifi author Sergei Lyukanenko (SS: he wrote for example the Night Watch book – never liked it tbh)
- atm, the developers are mostly satisfied with how the arty is now statistically
- there are no plans to allow any of the things you can currently buy only for gold to be buyable for silver (SS: 100 percent crew retraining, premium tanks, permanent camos etc.)
- separate Italian tree? “Won’t come out for now, when it comes out, I will tell you” (SS: the answer is intentionally left ambiguous, it’s not clear whether it will come out – but later, or whether there are no plans atm for such a thing)
- SerB doesn’t see it as a problem that there are more tanks covering one niche (SS: for example several lightly armored tanks equipped with a 105mm gun, Leopard 1 and AMX-30 for example – SerB however made a mistake yesterday, comparing the Japanese ST-B1 with the Leopard. That thing has very thick frontal armor (200mm+ effective) and gameplaywise it will resemble more like the T-62A)
- leasable premium tank (SS: as in – you can buy it for limited time, like premium account) won’t be implemented
- Japanese heavy line will come, but later – at this moment SerB is waiting for the verdict of someone named Fedoseyev, who is WG’s chief expert on Japanese tanks, regarding analysis of some materials WG got. SerB also states that the wikipedia O-I is too light to have a 200mm armor, that’s what the expert’s checking.
- SerB stated devs “pay attention” to 47-48 percent winrate tanks
- there is a chance that there will be more type of shells introduced (for example a tank having two premium shell types), but it’s not 100 percent sure (SS: this concerns also new shell types altogether)
- SerB states that Object 430 and T-62A won’t be “too similiar”, suggests people to have a look at technical data of both tanks
- VK2801 too inaccurate with 105mm L/28? “Oh okay, I will check. About nerfing it more.”
- SerB doesn’t know of any German TD projects, suitable for tier 10 and not based on Maus/E-100 hull (SS: there was a short mention about Sturmgesch├╝tz E-75, but nothing else. Just this mention)
- Japanese WoT server will not have anything totally different – no anime schoolgirls as crewmembers, sorry :)
- it’s not yet totally sure whether the Japanese premium tank will be released ahead of its branch (SS: I’d blame this one on the fact SerB is still in France and is possibly not aware of the info that was released while he was away)
- SerB commenting on the Company of Heroes 2 Russian rage: “It’s everyone’s private matter how to react. I can tell my point of view: it’s not worth expecting foreigners to truthfully depict our history. Even if they are unbiased, they will judge matters from the most common (advertised) point of view (which, of course, is not in our favour, propaganda is propaganda). You have to change your point of view by yourself, it won’t change itself. And so, for example, we make games from our own point of view” (SS: by adding gulag maps for example)
- the fact Bishop and FV304 arties have no highpen gold shells could be caused either by historicity, or by balance, SerB can’t tell
- regarding mortar-type weapons, there is no direct connection between mortar caliber and its shell velocity in WoT
- Waffentrager Tiger is based on Tiger II chassis
- there will be some new features in upcoming patches, that might please the Germanlovers (SS: specifically, some vehicles might recieve a depression boost (Tiger II I think), Tiger II might get its maximum speed increased (like IS-7 did), minor buff to Panther vehicles in mobility)
- apparently, the tier 10 Soviet medium Object 430 will be less mobile than T-62A because of crappy suspension
- currently, WG doesn’t know of any suitable (!) candidates for tier 10 Chinese/Soviet medium, armed with a L7 clone
- no plans for making the toptier 105mm and 120mm guns’ alpha difference bigger
- in the 9.0 “new format” of chat, it still won’t be possible to switch the chat off in battle (SS: that’s what mods are for :P)
- higher rendering distance for tanks won’t be implemented anytime soon, because it dramatically increases the load on the server and connection
- Q: “Will the Object 430 be like the Patton, or the FV4202 mobility-wise?” A: “Tests will show.” Same goes for reload times.
- A-43 top gun? “Tests will show” (SS: previously, it was shown as 76mm S-54)
- Soviet medium branch might NOT come in 8.8 (“More like later, there are still issues with tier 9 vehicle”), at least not the top vehicles (“for more wait for official info”)
- Sixth sense and camouflage skills/perks have little influence on tank statistics
- MT-25 being a LT despite its 25t weight? “It is as it is”
- 3-man platoons being thrown too often on the bottom of the team? “How terrible…”
- important features of next patch? “Will tell when the time is right”
- Jagdpanther gun rim being too easy to penetrate? “How terrible…”
- the chat re-work will be significant, the list of changes will come later
- the tier 10 Japanese heavy will weight 140 tons (or maybe even a bit more), it will have 200mm armor all around and a Maus-like engine
- second Chinese medium branch is not planned
- SerB in France also worked with EU office people (SS: why the hell was there no contact with him anyway? it’s not like EU players have a lot of info…)
- SerB states that the Japanese archives proved interesting, but no more details for now

Berlin Garage Mod 8.7

Unzip and copy to "game location"\World Of Tanks\res_mods\0.8.7\

Skin Centurion Mk. 7/1 — Mk3

Cromwell Tier 6 Medium Tank

_DraX_ HD-Textures

XVM Updater 2.4


XVM Stats v1.6.1
eXtended Visualization Mod (XVM) v4.1.0 0.8.7
XVM Config by Grumpelumpf 4.1.0 0.8.7 2013-07-24
Config XVM White Edition 2013-06-25 (no ratings, no statistics, except on statistic Panel)
Config XVM Colorblindscale 2013-07-06
Config XVM Load Enemy Stats in Fog of War (Clanwars) DISABLED
Config XVM Our Team - Enemie Team Display DISABLED
Config XVM OverTargetMarker DISABLED
Config XVM QuickColorMarker DISABLED
Config XVM PlayerStatistics DISABLED
Config XVM Chance to win formula DISABLED
Config XVM MinimapZoom DISABLED
Config Draw Viewdirection on Minimap
ReCo's Vertical Techtree v6.0 0.8.7
Millbarge Effect Reducer v0.8.0 source
HD Minimaps (only the Maps) by Locastan 0.8.7
SixthSense SoundMod for XVM by Alastanka
SixthSense Sound -10db (softer)
Dead White Corpses by TaTT_DoGG 0.8.7
3D Tank Icons by BlackSpy 0.8.7 source
Pogs Contour Icon Mod 3.x Oxmaster CLEARCOLOR MAX F.S.R VR 0.8.7 source
Sword of Damokles by Alastanka v6.9.6 0.8.7 source
Minimalistic Sight
J1mB0's Crosshair Mod v1.29
different Serverside Crosshair Colors by Killatomate
different MaxZoomOut Configs
Config WITH Mousescroll to Sniperscope
Config BLOCK Mousescroll to Sniperscope
ZoomX4 (0.9x-16x)
ZoomX10 (0.9x-30x)
Enhanced customizeable Radial Menu v.2.4 0.8.7
Info Panel (tweaked by nyomen) v0.8.6.1 0.8.7 source
Effective armor calculation from MeltyMap's MathMod 0.6.3 source
Damage Indicator (big) by poVitter 0.8.7 source
Damage Panel Interface by Dellux+DiessselL 0.8.7 source
Damage Panel by GambitER 0.8.7 v.2
Standard Damage Panel Mini Config
Hangar Clock by dab97 0.8.7 source
Hangar 2 rowed Carousel by Locastan 0.8.7 source
Battlescore v2 by KillerEnte94 0.8.7 source
erweiterte Tooltips, Statistiken + farbige Nachrichten YasenKrasen Messenger Skumm V3 (deutsch) vom DOC73 0.8.7 source
extended tooltips, statistics + colored Msg v2 by locastan (english) to 0.8.7a source
Tactical Tablet by Radem v0.3.3322.10 0.8.6 source

WZ132 Staying Alive

Skin E-25

Skin Pz IV / Pz IV AusfGH