Sunday, July 28, 2013

TOG II Helo Carrier

Texture Compression 8.7 By AHuMex

Update on the old post. This version is for 8.7. Enjoy.

A lot of people have the same problem - old computer or fable laptop. So, can WoT work on something that is not top notch PC machine? The answer is YES. This little program will compress your game textures to 25% or to 3%. At 25% you will get at least 50% higher frame rate, at 5% at least 70%. At 25% compression the game looks the same, at 3% it looks bad but you can play WoT even on a netbook with Atom processor.

Compression on 25%:

Compression on 3%:

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

Download Link 1 contains the compressor to 25%, download link 2 contains the 3% compressor. Download the compression that you think will work best for you. Unzip and copy to "World_of_Tanks\res\packages\" double click on "AHuMex_poVitter_autoinstall_0.8.7_only.bat". Command Prompt window will open and the compression will start. This will take about 5-15 minutes. After the Command Prompt window closes by itself restart the computer and play...

Since update 8.6 alot of people had problems with game crashing after compresssion. One of the most common reasons was unupdated DirectX.


- skill MM? “For hundred and first time: I don’t want that”
- are you losing because of your team? “Don’t play team games”
- “Asian tree” with Israel, Egypt and such: “Israel and Egypt in one tree? Hm.”
- Tiran Ti-67 (SS: Israeli modified T-55 with 105mm L7), despite fitting the game criteria, apparently won’t be implemented, because there’s nowhere to put it properly

- SerB states that the limit for implementing tanks is not defined by a year, but by tank generation (SS: current unofficial limit is 1969)
- you will be able to use your WoT account for WoWs too
- what will there be in 0.8.8 instead of Soviet meds? “Will tell later.”
- tracks externam module model does have an armor value, this armor value however is just a number, the surface doesn’t count as “smooth”, the track armor doesn’t increase with angle and it can’t ricochet. This was done so, because modelling detailed suspension was impossible and modelling the tracks and suspension as flat surface was deemed incorrect
- the MM throws you on the one and the same map whole weekend? “How terrible…”
- Lehvaslaiho’s Medal action on RU server during an event being a propagation of fascism? “And imagine, there are german tanks in the game! And they continue to destroy our vehicles!”
- 112 in the game? “When it’s done it’s done”
- Swamp/Komarin returns? “When it’s done it’s done”
- SerB confirms: the Soviet medium branch has issues with the tier 9, the Object430U will NOT be in it
- so far, there are no tanks planned, that would start from KV-13 (it’s gonna stay a dead end)
- the new Soviet medium branch (when it’s implemented) will most likely start from the tier 5 T-34
- there are no hightier transitions from branch to branch planned (for example Tiger II leading to Jagdtiger, T-54 to SU-122-54 etc.), because the devs don’t want the players to just switch from branch to another on high tier (gameplay reasons: switching to a vehicle that plays completely differently)
- WoWp will have the same post-battle statistic as WoT (like detailed crits etc)
- sealclubbers with 4 perk crews on tier 1 imbalancing the game? “How terrible”
- terrain passability (hidden) parameter does influence things such as maximum speed reachable on that respective terrain, or the turnrate
- newly unlocked tanks do have “preferential MM” – they end up on top of the team more often. However, if you put such a tank in a platoon with a normal MM (elite) tank, this rule gets ignored. Furthermore, if you platoon two newly unlocked tanks, the effect lasts, but it is not multiplied
- Foch 155 overpowered? “Play Foch 155″
- Wargaming does have a psychologist employed, who identifies negative gaming moments. It’s called “User experience department”.
- Soviet tanks with autoloaders? “Not anytime soon, but there was a KV project from 1944 with an autoloader” (as a premium tank candidate)
- KV-13 too underpowered ATM? “How terrible…”
- Q: “Can you tell the players about the tank planned on the 15th birthday of Wargaming?” A: “Oooh, you want to give us a tank for our birthday? We want!!!111″
- after the Japanese tree, the combined EU tree is planned, but it’s not yet sure
- no plans to introduce an autoloaded gun on the Jagdpanther, because there are not enough data on that
- Q: “Will there be German vehicles with autoloaders?” A: “Hehe…” (SS: second German TD line will have autoloaders)
- apparently, Maus, E-100 and Jpz E-100 are doing fine statistically
- gameplay changed too much after the arty nerf? “How terrible…”
- there will be a global remodelling of the vehicles, that was announced earlier – with alternative models/differently armored hulls, it will be more like “hull with more armor = less speed” and vice versa
- daily player statistics in game? “Only if there’s time”
- some spawn points (the place where your tank is when the battle starts) are reserved for certain vehicle types, like TD and arty
- premium arty vehicles are on hold for now (SS: as in, no more new prem arties won’t be introduced)
- it’s theoretically possible KV-1S will be transferred to tier 5 with its historical gun (eg. will lose the 122mm), but DEFINITELY not anytime soon
- Durchbruchswagen? “When it’s done it’s done”
- there will be no special server for bad players
- Chinese and Japanese documents, used to make tanks, were translated to Russian/English by partners, not by WG
- Jagdpanther II won’t get a second inscription slot, as some graphical parts it (the junk hanging on it?) prevents that
- SerB confirmed that there will be some sort of “gift” tank for 15th anniversary, but he did troll a lot around, making fun of beggars and whiners, who asked about it
- so far there are no plans to introduce tankettes to the game, because balancing them is complicated
- it’s possible some mods will be implemented into the game at some point, but SerB doesn’t consider this really necessery
- dynamic tank characteristics in the garage are not implemented yet, because the developers didn’t simply get to do it yet, but SerB states they might do it now (no guarantees tho)
- tier 8 premium tanks driven by new players straight away a problem? “How terrible…”
- lowtier Soviet tanks (T-12, T-24) will come, but not anytime soon
- it’s technically not possible to make a mechanism, that would automatially stop the tank in game in case of player disconnect
- SerB doesn’t think that the cost of automatic (gold) fire extinguisher is too high
- premium SU-85I tank destroyer? “When it’s done it’s done”
- it’s possible that the T-44 might get a new hull module (when it’s implemented) with T-54 suspension
- no plans to change the Indienpanzer mantlet apparently
- as an ingame E-100 (DPS) equivalent, there was a Soviet project of the IS-7 tank with the BL-10, but this will NOT be implemented
- no WG branch/tree (consisting of fake tanks, made up by Wargaming) is planned
- SerB confirmed that there will be no higher tiers than 10 – increasing the limit for tier 10 will also not happen (SS: as in, implementing comparatively stronger vehicles to tier 10)
- it’s possible that historical battles will consist of tanks only produced in high numbers (no prototypes รก la Dicker Max, although they fought as well), but it’s not sure
- your nickname will be blocked for all the WG projects, sharing the same account (WoT, WoWs, WoWp), but not for those that don’t (Blitz, Xbox)
- nickname cleanup is not planned – for now (SS: as in some of the desirable nicknames belong to empty account, that never played a single battle and were registered 3 years ago)
- T14 premium tank is doing fine statistically
- it’s possible that a tank gets buffed even if its stats aren’t that bad, it just is not nice to play (happened to VK3001P a few months after release)
- it’s also possible for a tank to be bad statistics-wise, but it improves in time without any buffs by itself (KV-1 after its split)
- there aren’t companies for each tier, because the 2 tier difference is just fine and the developers don’t want to split the players into even smaller groups
- Japanese heavy branch tier 4 and 5 gap won’t be filled with “Wargaming inventions” (fake tanks) – if nothing is found, nothing gets implemented
- it’s not yet sure, how big the patch 0.9.0 will be
- British superheavy 100 (1XX) series tanks will be introduced, if someone finds any data on them (SS: some say it’s just a hoax tbh)
- wheeled vehicles are not being worked on atm
- a Taiwanese branch was considered, Chinese partners wouldn’t be against it (in their eyes, Taiwan is “theirs” – a “renegade province”), but in the end, not enough adequate vehicles were found
- automatic server selection simply selects the server with lowest ping, but the mechanism to evaluate also “ping jitter” will not be implemented anytime soon (SS: not sure I understand it correctly, but it’s a way of measure how stable the ping is, whether it jumps a lot)