Monday, July 29, 2013


- T-50 did recieve better MM spread in 0.8.7
- T-50-2 was an imbalanced moped
- T57 Heavy and Foch 155 will be nerfed, but not too soon
- the devs decided to nerf KV-1S, but are choosing how to do that
- Maus and IS-7 are doing fine statistically, Tiger (H) will get a buff
- Superpershing will not recieve a maneuverability and mobility buff
- AMX50B might be buffed
- Dickermax is fine, it won’t receieve bigger amount of ammo
- TDs will not be nerfed when it comes to damage
- the Soviet branch patch (8.8) will look like this:
T6 – A-43
T7 – A-44
T8 – Object 416
T9 – see below
T10 – Object 430
Explanation: Veider actually apparently said that tier 9 will be Object 140 (SS: as I predicted earlier), but it won’t – SerB denied that and said tier 9 will be some rear-turret variant of Object 430. As a result, 0.8.8 SOviet branch will most likely come without its top tiers. Object 430U might come as a heavy tank as the top of its own branch
- There will be two prems: Chinese heavy 112 (still imbalanced, it’s being balanced currently) and Chinese medium T-34-3
- The T-44-122 will be a Soviet medium tank of tier 7 or 8, might come for supertesters in 0.8.8
- announced Japanese medium tank won’t come in 0.8.8
- second German TD line will start with Marder III on tier 3 or 4, Sturer Emil will have the 128mm gun, its top tiers will have casette autoloaders
- E-10 TD won’t be implemented due to the devs not wanting to implement the lowering suspension mechanism
- T-35 is already modelled, waiting for the multiturret mechanism
- second branch of French TD’s is found, but it has been postponed, it has low priority for now
- Chinese TD’s and arty branches are not yet found completely, works on them have not begun yet
- prem arty will be of no higher tier than 5-6
- it’s possible there will be official WG mod portal
- there will be no more “free” T34-style premium tanks
- Havok physics: bending antennas, animations of house destruction and explosions, it’s pretty but it doesn’t affect gameplay, players will be able to enable it, if they have GTX-470 level or better graphics cards
- it’s not 100 percent sure the Japanese will come this year
- EU tree will come after the Japanese
- big maps and teams (30vs30) are being worked on, but they face some serious issues
- devs are actively working on new gameplay modes
- in “cases, that are interesting for WG”, WG cooperates with mod-makers
- other projects based on Tiger chassis, apart from Sturmtiger and Bergetiger? “Rammtiger” (SS: just… google it :) )
- WG plans for whole next year won’t most likely be published (“because you, dear players, could drown us accidentally in your tears, if anything gets delayed”)
- Highway and Port colors too much off? “Don’t play Highway and Port”

- the E-25 proves to be very popular on RU server to the point that players are afraid of Type59-style flood
- despite some of the ingame tanks had a smoothbore historically, this won’t be implemented, as the smoothbore versions belong to a different tank generation already
- developers don’t care if the players negrep them on forums, they won’t change their policies because of whine: “Players will begin to control the game development only if they buy enough Wargaming shares to control the company and join the Board of directors”
- multicore support? “When it’s done it’s done”
- SerB likes the way how the camouflage skill works, as for sixth sense – he’s fine with it, for now
- there will be no special server in Kazakhstan (SS: very important info)
- it’s possible the KV with autoloader will appear as a premium tank, but not guaranteed – and not planned for now
- patch 8.6 was financially very successful for Wargaming (SS: oh well, so much for the OMGARTYGOTNERFEDIQUIT whiners and Czech forum community)
- WoT Tweaker is not only not supported by WG, it has been actively removed from RU forums (SerB states that he has the same computer for WoT he had 4 years ago when he started working on WoT and he doesn’t need WoT Tweaker, he also suggests that if you want better computer, go get a part time job isntead of playing like he did when he didn’t have enough money)
- apparently, Centurion top and stock gun weights are just fine
- Q: “Will you make the game as cool as War Thunder”? A: “No, we don’t want to be so cool as to sell pwnage for money. It’s simply not profitable.”
- KV-85 and KV-1S have been unified into one tank in World of Tanks
- Sixth Sense won’t be touched anytime soon
- SerB states that when it comes to rocket projectiles, they will have either a HE or HEAT warhead
- the fate of Taiwanese tanks has already be decided, otherwise “no comment” (SS: at least one will come as a premium) – developers did check the Taiwanese branch, but it didn’t work
- Soviet light tanks projects with combined armor and gun capable of launching missiles from the 60′s are too new to be implemented into the game
- it’s theoretically possible in a random battle for one team to have tier 10 tanks as top and the other tier 8 for example: if the battle takes too long to form (for example early morning, when there are very few players), MM basically disregards the rule that both teams should have their top 3 tanks of the same tier and other rules too
- for now, captured tanks won’t be implemented
- some of the “more odd” captured tanks (such as KV-2-88, KV-2-150, T-37-75) will be implemented

Max FarPlane Mod 8.7

Info Panel 8.7 (English Version)

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