Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Skin T49

Youtube Dream Team mk II - Part 1

Teamwork #7 - E-75 Crucial Contribution with Ik and Zaonce


- it looks like the T92 will not be the tier 8 American light tank after all
- SerB wasn’t the WG vice-president in the beginning, he got promoted from the position of lead game designer
- after the chat is reworked, the clanmembers will apparently recieve the status of a “friend”, when it comes to the question, whether you can recieve a whisper (PM) from them or not

- after 8.7 the MM is working fine, according to SerB
- SerB on historical battles: “Correctly made historical mode is somewhat complicated. We are working on that. Wait for announcements, there will be tests of some of its elements (including those, that will not be most likely implemented in the end, but most of the players want them, because they don’t know how will they look in the game)”
- the chance to set the already burning tank on fire again is technically the same, of course it’s a bit different with destroyed fueltanks (it’s easier to do that once they are damaged), but that’s not a process based on probability
- Object 416 will be balanced “as usual”
- the tier 9 new Soviet med branch problem is caused by general lack of data, not only the drawings
- it’s possible that the Israeli centurion (Sho’t Kal) did fire HESH rounds in real life (SS: this is not related to WoT, player asked because of some movie)
- Nuclear-powered tanks (such as the TV-8) will not be implemented into the game
- FV4202 is doing fine statistically
- Germans did experiment with uranium penetrators in real life (SS: but not depleted uranium, simply uranium, it was a program to compensate for the lack of tungsten)
- when a gun damages a module (with the “damage to modules” being a hidden stat), this damage is also subjected to +/-25 RNG (SS: in other words, damage to modules is known to be roughly equal to gun caliber, so a 100mm gun does 100 damage to module HP, but this 100 damage in reality is 75-125)
- it’s possible that the WoWp tier 1 airplanes will also come with 100 percent crew in the future
- WG has a special deparment, that tracks the economy situation in the game (for example the game being too overflooded with silver due to too generous awards)
- the aforementioned department also makes sure that there is no inflation in the game at all
- there will be some training room filter re-work (to make looking for training rooms easier), “it’s done when it’s done”
- E-100 150mm gun uses HEAT shells and not subcaliber ones, because the barrel is not long enough for subcaliber shells (SS: subcaliber penetrators, being smaller from definition, are easier to influence by outside environment need longer barrel to reach higher velocities to be accurate enough, otherwise they fly all over the place)
- the crew member uniform pictures will not be changed (SS: as in, Bundeswehr uniforms looked different than Wehrmacht ones)
- LTP means “Legkij Tank Provornova – Provornov’s light tank” – it’s named after its designer
- IS-7 is not underpowered according to SerB
- the reason the SU-85B has worse depression than SU-76 despite the chassis being the same is the gun (SS: the breech, being larger, often interferes with that)
- there might be special rewards (“high level content”) also for players not playing CW’s, but it won’t be “for free” (as in, easy to get)
- SerB states it’s virtually impossible to create a game where planes and tanks fight each other on one map, he states that even War Thunder developers, who initially promised such a thing, are slowly and silently backing down from that concept (SS: actually, the question was about WoT players being able to play against War Thunder players, but I think SerB got confused and answered something else)
- Separate server for training, with everything for free and 0 costs of repairs? “And what’s in it for us? :)” (SS: Storm answered, not SerB)

Icons By Treeger

15th birthday of WG - 12 august

Gift light tank, price 850 gold.