Wednesday, July 31, 2013


- SerB states that the “Stalinec” inscription was removed based on the demand from EU server
- Object 430U can’t replace the IS-7 as tier 10 heavy (SS: no idea what was the point of asking such a thing)
- there is another candidates for tier 10 heavy, which has roughly the same characteristics as AMX50B, minus the autoloader – it’s the second heavy French branch T10, SerB states it has an okay frontal armor, but paper-thin sides- SerB states that a casette (SS: as in a “clip” of) 150mm shells weights 150-200kg, but noone drags that around by hand (SS: as in, there were mechanisms for that, such as cranks)
- in game terms, there will be no difference between the casette loading of German top tier TD’s, and (for example) French drum autoloaders
- in next 6 months, French Char 2C superheavy won’t be added
- according to SerB, it’s not realistic to put any KV-series tank on tier 10
- there was a case when SerB was sorry that he has to put a tank out as premium and not as a part of a branch – this was the case of Löwe, as SerB states this tank has upgrade potential
- TOG 1 will most likely not appear as a premium vehicle
- premium tanks with more guns (as in, you can choose a gun) will not be implemented

- the rumors about KV-1S with 122mm gun being made a T7 premium are false (categorical answer)
- Q: “Why is the MM bad? If you don’t answer, I will go on a meeting with you and will ask a LOT of questions!” A: “Oh, we’re so afraid now. Thank you for amusing us.”

- WoWp: other nations than Soviets will get ground assault planes, one of them will be the Junkers Ju-87 Stuka with 37mm guns, small bombers (such as Su-2, Pe-2) are not planned for now
- ingame mission and event interface: “when it’s done it’s done”
- the thickest frontal armor the developer encountered from projects was one French project with 400mm frontal armor, it won’t appear in the game (SerB states that the sides of this project are very weakly armored)
- crew portrait customizer (selectable different hair, eyes, mouth etc.) is not planned
- SerB states that if Japan wasn’t nuked, O-I tanks might have appeared in real life
- developers won’t publish official tank winrate stats
- the internal module layout has no influence on the damage they take from fire (SS: for example, if ammo rack is situated close to the engine, it doesn’t have a bigger chance of getting damaged than other modules)
- it’s possible that when the new chat system gets implemented, you’ll be able to chat with people, who are playing WoWp from your WoT client (account unification)
- SerB states that Jagdpanzer E-75 is a complete fake, not based on reality unlike the E-50M (SS: not really, see earlier articles)
- E-100 doesn’t have the alternative Maus turret for a game reason: to reduce the amount of grinding you’d need to unlock it, the same applies for Maus and its alternative turrets
- Henschel E-100 turret is a complete fake (SS: yes, it is, probably one of the most popular fakes out there)
- the fact 128mm Maus and E-100 guns don’t have muzzle brakes is historical
- WG lawyers are dealing with various WOT clones (specifically the Ground War Tanks version)
- SerB states that basically the tank gun (the module) is a solid object (can be hit) with no clipping enabled
- the new chat will use standard Jabber protocols, so it’s possible it will be possible to chat thru another Jabber client in the future
- Object 167M (improved T-62A) will not be implemented
- gold will be ever returned only if the tank in question is changed drastically
- the T-34-1, T-34-2 and T-34-3 projects were Chinese self-made projects to make a tank analogical to T-54 within Chinese possibilities. Later, when the Soviets helped China with the production of T-54 copies, these projects were obsolete and were discontinued
- despite the fact that the ingame IS-7 is nerfed a lot compared to the real life IS-7, there is no tank that could replace it
- the beach edge (where the water washes over the sand, not the water itself) in World of Tanks has the same terrain passability as the beach itself
And, some interesting info from Overlord:
- the update 0.8.8 and 0.9.0 will be “monstrous”
- 0.8.8 will be mostly “technical patch” (SS: as in, not content, but features)
- Overlord things that “the contents of 8.8 will be gradually revealed starting mid August and right until the end of the month.”
- regading artillery: “Arty won’t be the same as before 8.6. That’s for sure. We are monitoring the situation right now. Everything is possible. Including rebalance.”
- regarding the arty being the top tiers in battles: “MMing fix is likely to arrive for 8.8″
- there going to be a minor update for live servers quite soon (SS: see 0.8.7 test 3)
- bigger maps are now not being worked on
- Overlord on E-25: “It was a tough decision whether the tank was going to be tier 6 or 7. Balancing guys voted for the latter.”
- Japanese tanks will come in 2014
- Q: “What is the next big thing after physics?” A: “In-game quests, cybersport, reshuffled CWs historical battles, garage battles”
- 8.8 will bring Superpershing changes
- On 8.8 Soviet line: “8.8 is going to be functional/feature update. There going to be 5 Soviet tanks to research afaik, tier 6-10″

Skin Indien Panzer

Skin Tiger

Skin Bishop

Skin E-25

Strange Story Of A Turret

Tskhinvali, Georgia. In August 8, 2008 a group of Russian-Ossetian soldiers brewed up three Georgian tanks. One of them was practically torn to pieces after the detonation.On the picture above is the place of the explosion.

The torn off turrent of the tank flew several dozens of meters, broke through the canopy of the building and got stuck in the porch.

This is the picture dated 2010.

The building has been recently reconstructed but the turret has been preserved to remember the war days.