Thursday, August 1, 2013

M60 By Arti25

The Quicky Series #110

ELC AMX - Dirty, Rotten Scoundrel

Tank In Game Icons By Druid & PolluxKer

Hard Scope 8.7


- SerB on historical battles: “In War Thunder, it’s possible in historical battles to fly with Dora from 1944 against Mig-15 from the 50′s over Stalingrad. We don’t like this variant, that’s why we are doing more complex system.”
- in WG statistics, winrate plays more important role than damage per battle, because “dealing damage is not the only way how to secure victory”
- when counting server winrates, the 10 percent of lowest and highest results have no influence on the average winrates, developers checked for this (SS: I don’t understand statistics much, but apparently, 10 percent of the highest and lowest results are regularily disregarded)
- it happens once in a while that SerB gets specifically teamkilled in battles, the guy gets banned for that as a general rule
- SerB confirms that the initial Japanese branch will consist only of light and medium tanks
- Japanese light tanks will end with a tier 5 LT
- there will be no post-war light tanks in the tree, there are two STA 25 ton candidates, but the STA program will go to the medium tank branch
- regarding Japanese light tanks, nothing more powerful than the Type 5 Ke-Ho was found
- it’s not planned to introduce the 120mm howitzer-equipped infantry support vehicle, based on Chi-Ha, as a light tank
- the WoT ingame interface solution (Scaleform) comes “as is” (“ready”) – and it’s not possible to do anything with the fact it’s a bit slow (and resource-hungry)
- no plans to introduce the German captured T-34 tank for now

Epic Win MT's

T30 Ace Tanker and 100k

Skin T-34-85

PaintBall Mod

Red - Penetration.
Green - Ricochet.

Anime Skin PzKpfw B2 740(f) B-1bis

Skin M5 Stuart

Remodeling Pz38t