Friday, August 2, 2013

How To Be Useless #7

WoT Youtube Dream Team mk II - Part 3

RNG. No Comments. Episode 6

Damage Panel 8.7

Colored Damage Indicator 8.7

Red - penetration.
Orange - ricochet. 


- (SS: if I understand this correctly) it’s theoretically possible to detrack a vehicle by a HE shell, even if it hits the vehicle somewhere else. When the HE shell “damage sphere” forms (to determine which modules can be hit), the armor layer itself doesn’t limit it, so it’s possible for the tracks to be caught within it, even if the shell penetrated the armor somewhere else and exploded “inside” the vehicle
- the deciding factor in whether a mod is illegal or not is the question, whether it gives the player a clear ingame advantage. If it does, it’s most likely illegal
- the “112″ Chinese heavy premium tank will have HEAT shells for gold, it most likely won’t have limited MM (it will meet T10′s)
- the Waffentrager E-100 will be “with high probability” the tier 10 of the German second TD branch
- the characteristics of the premium T-44 have been roughly decided
- it’s possible to damage other tanks by splash, when a HE shell explodes on the target’s armor and doesn’t penetrate
- it’s possible to have this situation: the Tiger’s mantlet was visually penetrated, but the tank was not harmed and the crew voiceover said “that one didn’t go thru” – because the shell did penetrate the mantlet, but was stopped by the turret armor behind it.
- it’s theoretically possible for a shell to penetrate armor, destroy a module inside, penetrate armor again and fly out
- there are plans for changed water physics, but not very soon
- the adjustable suspension will not be implemented into World of Tanks (SS: this concerns STRV and E-10, neither of which will appear)
- the top tier Japanese tank will be the Type 74 prototype, ST-B1 (SS: article about it will follow)
- LTP tank being faster than T-127, despite having weaker engine? “Better suspension quality”
- SerB speaks apart from German also English
- suspension quality won’t be disclosed to public (in hangar)
- there will be no daytime change (day/night cycle) in the anniversary hangar
- SerB on whine about the LTP coming with 50 percent crews: “Sorry for us giving you a not fully satisfactory gift on our birthday. I hope that on your birthday, you will give your friends exactly the thing they dream about.”
- Q: “But the players are giving you their money whole year!” A: “Funny. And I thought they are getting something for their money.”
- 2014 EU tree? “It’s not 100% that we will add 2 new nations in 2014.” (SS: take it as you will)

Hit Zones "Red Star" 8.7 Torrent Download (1.2 GB)

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