Saturday, August 3, 2013

Way of the TOG

Sniper Scope By MeltyMap

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Sniper Scope Vanilla By STL1te+locastan

Arty & Sniper Scope 8.7

Sniper Scope "Бирюза"

Sniper Scope By neizvesten + RazNaRok

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Kriegstreiber’s Crosshair

Fjords Map Mod


Well, first and foremost (so he doesn’t kill me or something :) ), Ilosz (EU server) made an interesting WoT magazine – 1st Issue. Graphically it’s very pretty, you can check it out at that post adress.
- SerB on why the various “Stalin” inscriptions were removed from the game (apparently only for EU client): “It wasn’t me or Storm – European office deals with Europe and despite they (at least a part of them) yell “For Stalin!” when drunk, they thought it’s not worth it to have a conflict because of him with a part of the local internet-patriots – not ours, not Soviet, burgeois people.” (SS: I hope this translation is ok, someone correct me if it isn’t)
- historically, there was a project to install the BL-9 gun on IS-3 (it can be found in archives, SerB might write a book about it one day)
- it’s not clear what will happen with the Stalinist inscription, when roaming is activated (SS: as in, there will be ‘For Stalin!’ tanks from RU server roaming to EU server)
- Q: “I will spam ‘For Stalin!’ when I go to EU server using roaming!” A: “Your country will hugely benefit from that and without any doubt you will protect our history from the attacks of revisionists!” (SS: it is irony)
- Q: “I have seen a WoT screenshot, where the loader destroyed the tank by dropping the shell on the ground. Under what conditions can that happen?L” A: “This is a special feature, used for punishing players by the game administrators. Another one is that the tank commander can shoot any of the crewmembers in the head with his pistol, the driver can intentionally drown the tank in a river, radioman can send the tank coordinates to the enemy artillery and the gunner might fire into the allies.”
- SerB on model errors (for example KwK 40 L/48 too short): “Everything is possible, errors are not out of the question.”
- the coming removal of Panther top engines is an attempt to make the tanks as historical as possible
- KwK 44 L/70 gun was not any more powerful than the KwK 42 (SS: KwK 44 was a Czech Škoda development for Panther Ausf.F, it had better optics, but power-wise, the gun could IIRC shoot the same shells as KwK 42)
- KV-122 (KV-1S with 122mm gun) was historical
- E-25 has good viewrange, because “the optics are good”
- top tier German and Soviet HE shells too expensive? “Don’t shoot top tier German and Soviet HE shells”
- Q: “The current Soviet LT branch is ugly, will you fix it?” A: “I am sorry, but Soviet light tank designers from the 40′s cared little for our branch beauty”
- ingame currently running event overview? “When it’s done it’s done”
- there was a Wargaming company party to celebrate the 15th anniversary, “with different drinks”
- it’s possible that the French and the Chinese will get a lowtier light premium tank
- SerB states his longest string of defeats was around 15 in a row

Anniversary Garage Problem ?

How to make the garage brighter:

Download Link Installation: Simply unpack the file to your res_mods folder (within the World of Tanks installation folder)

Remove the garage:

Download Link
Installation: The same as above – unpack the file to your res_mods folder

Skin AT2

Skin VK 4502 (P) Ausf. B

Remodeling E50