Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fragmovie - Good Bye T-50-2 By Arti25

Map Tactics #4 - El Halluf

Chr1schi´s Mod Package 1.1.a For 8.7

Author "chr1schi"
- xvm full 4.0.0
- damage panel with firesound and a reversed damage log
- advanced xvm damagecounter
- autofire
- sixth sence sound
- crewloader
- hangar clock and calculator
- yasenkrasen report
- j1mb0s coloured icon mod
- Jimbos crosshairs incl. shell travel time und swivel range indicator
- accurate damage indicator
- max zoom out camera mod for a better cam view distance
- max farplane
- deathanimation tank angels
- xvm minimap
- no shadow  in zoom
- no WG introvideo
- no scroll mod
- visible railcarts mod

Installation instructions
- Delete your resmods directory in the WOT main directory
- Copy the complete content from the rar file in the wot main directory
- If you want the playerstats, you need Dokan Libery for that. install this first
If you want to play with stats, than launch the xvm-stat.exe.
If not than like the other times
- Set your crosshair in the game settings, as you like it.
- Put the addons that you want also in the WOT main directory
Have Fun!

Ninja By studio70RU


- In connection with making the Panthers more realistic:French Maybach engines changed to historical parameters? “If needed”
- SerB states that you will get the same results, whether you play WoWp with mouse/keyboard or joystick – this was planned (SS: as in, no advantage for joystick users)
- when using roaming, it won’t be possible to buy a tank (SS: for example with discount) from another server
- SerB states that various “Stalin” inscriptions (that were removed from EU server) were historical
- European office can do what the main Minsk office allows it (delegates the authority). SerB thinks that by removing the Stalin inscriptions, they have overstepped their authority, but won’t make a problem out of such a small thing
- new things purchaseable for gold in the future? “Only such things, that won’t directly impact effectiveness in combat”
- World of Tanks Blitz requirements? “Will tell when the time is right”
- when the battle ends, the tracks (and apparently gun too) module repair costs count for 0 (SS: as in, tracks get repaired automatically for free)
- SerB would like to make a full Soviet scout branch, but he states that unfortunately there is no possibility to do that
- the (dark) anniversary hangar has nothing to do with night battles
- apparently, the news that the players will be able to disable the chat completely were wrong, as it (according to SerB) breaks the teamplay

Total Immersion Sound Mod

Author: "WOT_Smartguy"
I have put together a combination of some of the best sound mods available to enhance your the gaming experience. When the WWII-era music from the garage and loading screen fades, hear the deafening roar of 15 powerful engines as you move out (I recommend you turn down the vehicle effects volume to save your hearing).Fire your accurate sounding gun and hear the crew report using proper modern American terminology as the radio chatters in the background (also using modern procedures). Best of all, when your engine (which actually sounds like an engine) spools down while stopped, you can hear the sounds of a battle raging outside. Various moddders have sought to enhance your experience with gun and sounds, new voices, and even background noise. For the first time, I give you the whole package
  • Gnomefather's historic engine and gun sounds (engine and gun, what else?)
  • Modern War (voices and ui sounds)
  • NoblePlatoon's ambient sounds with extras (ambient noise and music)
  • All mods are property of their respective owners. I in now way take credit for any of these mods. If the creators of these mods have an issue with my redistribution, i Invite them to contact me by PM so we can discuss it.
  • The sounds folder contains the original audio wherever anything was left unchanged, so copying the standard audio folder is not necessary
  • Please be light on the dropbox link,as it is easy to overload and get the link temporarily suspended by dropbox.
Downloads:  all the same files, but i needed to host in multiple places to handle the traffic
The latest update increased the file size beyond filefront's upload limit so its split into two parts
Part 1
Part 2
Other downloads
Known Issues: None

  • V1: Initial release
  • V1.1: Updated for 8.6
  • V1.2: Updated for 8.7, fixed lack of voice cues on penetration, fixed unknown issue causing fps drops

Sniper & arty Scope Octagon By Mad_Patriot

Skin Pz IV AusfGH