Monday, August 5, 2013

Epic Win MT's


- looks like Russian players playing on EU server want the “Stalin” inscriptions back. SerB reacts: “Write an appeal to the appropriate office, that’ll be more useful.
- WoT is influenced by real life politics too: for example in China, it’s forbidden to use real map on CW map
- it’s possible that when roaming is implemented, the chat will be disabled for the roaming players (SS: in order not to promote tension between players, spam etc.) – “measures against excesses from both sides will be taken”

- the FV300 British light tank might be implemented
- there are not enough TD’s for US 3rd TD branch
- M8 Scott won’t become US premium arty
- it’s possible that the Panzer V/IV icon might be reworked to reflect the vehicle better (SS: ATM it looks like a stock Panther), but this has really low priority
- Panzer V/IV model won’t be reworked anytime soon (SS: to resemble the way it really looked)
- Q: “Why does LTP suck so much?” A: “And of course you gave a Rolls Royce to your friends on your birthday?”
- disabling the chat between the two teams is not planned
- the balance of the lowtier premium special vehicles such as Tetrarch and Hotchkiss is monitored, but it is changed only if the need is extremely urgent
- according to SerB, WG deals with bots “normally”, their number is not growing
- Q: “Will you remove huge weakspots from tanks?” A: “Don’t play tanks with huge weakspots”
- Chi-Ha having bad MM? “Don’t play Chi-Ha”
- there is no plan for now to make a new “open” (permanent) hangar รก la tank proving ground
- rare tank models being incorrect? “How terrible…”
- WoT boring? “Don’t play boring game”
- German TD’s won’t come in 8.8 (despite the Soviet 2nd branch not finished)
- 3x3km maps? “When it’s done it’s done”
- the developers discussed the idea to allow the players to change any tank to “premium” status, but decided not to do it
- the 8.8 tier 9 Soviet med tank with the rear turret is not Object 430′s predecessor, but a competing project
Object 140 will be implemented
- SerB on laptop-series Radeons and the 0.8.7 FPS drops: “With Radeons it’s generally complicated. Something is being done, but no guarantees” – he suggests updating drivers
- the point of lowtier premium tanks is (besides being collectibles) to significantly help new players with grinding significantly
- SerB states that WoT does have influence on how the view on history is formed by its players
- destroying the house, behind which the enemy is hiding, will not be considered as an “assist” (SerB: “Oh Cthulhu, what greedy children have we dragged here!”)
“8.8 is going to be feature update mostly while 8.9 will bring some very exciting content.”
The_Chieftain (US developer):
“It is possible that the T29 mantlet is only 203 mm from a preliminary measurement “