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Type T-34 Ace Tanker & Killing Tier 7s

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- tanks with ATGM’s? “I’ll say it like this, if this comes, it will be in another game”
- AA tanks with machineguns are not planned for now, SerB actually states the amount of shells from them might crash the servers
- the T-34-3 is armed with a 122mm gun – for now (SS: there have been several reports of this gun being changed, presumably to some D-10T clone)

- SerB states that the newest tank from the game is approximately from 1965 (AMX-13/90 and some late WZ-132 version) (SS: Leopard 1 is from the same year I think, or one year earlier)
- it’s possible that in the future, the tank terrain resistance won’t be calculated by the middle of the tank anymore, but under each track, this has minimal priority however
- the tier 10 Japanese arty will have shorter range than the other arties apparently
- bigger maps? “Tests will show”
- very slow tanks, such as T95, will suffer on big maps? “Let them suffer”
- other WG projects coming? “Well, we for example bought Total Annihilation and Master of Orion”
- Storm doesn’t respond to the developer questions anymore, because he’s tired of player BS
- penetrable objects (thin fences etc.) are planned
- M12 arty being too inaccurate? “You can sell it”
- SerB states that it’s not possible to simply keep basic radio and scout using the “radio chain” effect, he states that there are efforts from time to time to somehow change the way the radio works in game, but bigger maps will change everything
- SerB states that he’s not afraid of the mass invasion of RU players on EU servers using roaming
- SerB plays WoWp more than WoT, because the battles in it are more intensive and he can
- details abour roaming will be disclosed later, restrictions for it are still being developed, it’s not yet decided, whether roaming will be paid or not (“there arguments for and against”)
- it’s technically possible to make the ammorack explosion damage tanks in the vincinity, but this won’t be implemented
- the fact subcaliber shells have the same damage as AP shells for the same gun is okay according to SerB, as damage is balanced around a gun, not individual shells
- developers are not doing anything specifically for the old render anymore, the new maps are adapted for new render
- both the tier 7 T-44 with 85mm gun and tier 7 T-44-122 with 122mm gun will be implemented into the game
T-44 with 85mm (first version)

T-44 with 122mm (first version)

- developers don’t plan to change the ingame fiscal policy
- AMX-13/105 in WoT? “Not for now” (SS: speculation – a very similiar vehicle might appear in the EU tree as the SK-105 K├╝rrasier)
- rocket and flamethrower tanks will be implemented (SS: this overrides the FAQ denial, I will fix it), they won’t have specific branches apparently, but will be distributed within current branches
- midtier platoon MM mechanism has not been changed recently
- the mechanism, that prevents you from being on the bottom of teams all the time doesn’t work 100 percent (SS: it can be for example overridden)
- Q: “Do you plan to allow people make their tank models more unique?” A: “Yes, for a hundred thousand dollars, it will be possible to switch the model of the tank to a model of a pony”
- generally, there is a tier 7 candidate for a Chinese premium vehicle, “you will hear about it in corresponding patchnote”
- SerB states that the person, who actually personally spoke against the removing of Staling decals was the Wargaming CFO.
- numbers on the side of the tank are planned, players will not be able to select the number themselves (SS: heaven forbid someone chose 88 over the “Stalin” inscription…)
- server in Africa is not planned for near future
- SerB and his personal opinion on e-sports: “I consider e-sport not to be the best use of our resources. But since the e-sport policy has been chosen as a result of discussions – I wish the e-sport good luck. We will develop it up to and beyond the currently announced plans.”
- if rockets are implemented as an additional module, they will affect the tank performance, as modules have weight and weight influences mobility
- the first version of the Japanese tree won’t have the amphibious tanks, such as Ka-Mi, Ka-Chi, To-Ku. SerB states that the Japanese tree is a bit lacking, but generally normal – there are enough top tier vehicles
- Japanese tree won’t come anytime soon, it’s speciality will be the fact the tanks will be driven by the “Samuraiand schoolgirls” (text strikethrough by SerB)

Skin KV-220

WoT Model Editor Version 23.0 (make Your own garage)

Skin Su-122-44 Anime By Xandier59

Skin Hetzer Anime