Thursday, August 8, 2013

Skin Pz IV Ausf GH

Tundra New Map 8.8


New Vehicles 8.8

A-43 (tier 6)
A-44 (tier 7)

Durchbruchswagen (tier 4)
Object 140 (tier 10 apparently)
Object 416 (tier 8)
VK3002M (tier 6)
112 (tier 8 premium)
T-34-3 (tier 8 premium)

VK 3002 (MAN), Upcoming Tier 6 MT

Armament: 75mm L/70
Weight: 35 tons
Upper frontal plate – 60mm (55 degrees)
Lower frontal plate – 60mm (55 degrees)
Turret front – 80mm
Turret side – 45mm
Hull side – 40mm
Speed: 40km/h (55,8km/h maximum obtainable)
Engine: 700hp Maybach HL230
In World of Tanks
This tank will be roughly on par with the VK3001DB. Expect a bit more accurate gun, roughly equal mobility. It looks better though :)


- confirmed: RU second medium branch will start from T-34 and end with T-54, Object 140 will be a tier 10, unlockable from T-54, Object 430 and the other T9 tank will come later
- penetration reduction with distance is set for each shell individually
- both shells for VK3601 Konisch gun are basically historically subcaliber SerB states that both have subcaliber normalisation, as far as he remembers
- the only shells with different ricochet angle are HEAT shells
- SerB states that T-50 has scout MM, because it is a lot better than the Covenanter or the T-80, T-50 won’t get reduced MM
- SerB states that the way to catch fire is the same for both diesel and gasoline gas tanks, because it was roughly like that in real life
- WoT engine BigWorld will support active objects on maps (such as moving trains), but this will be done only in minimal amounts, for example trains would introduce another random element to the game and that’s not what the developers want
- the main features that are being worked on will be disclosed soon
- SerB confirms that if WoT intensity is taken as a base, WoWp game intensity is (WoT intensity + 1) and WoWs intensity will be (WoT intensity – 1)
- WG was the biggest Belarussian IT export firm for 2012
- players being angry with T-50-2 removal? “How terrible…”
- German A7V won’t be implemented for now

- SerB states that it’s technically not possible to completely eliminate all the arcade mode aim circle getting “stuck” somewhere: “Use the sniper mode”
- kill-per-battle statistic for tanks is being collected, but WG won’t disclose official numbers
- the mechanism where players (not tanks, but account) are able to select maps they don’t want to play was scrapped
Object 103 is not planned for forseeable future
- SerB states that while WG generally doesn’t disclose tank weakpoints, SU-100M1 has weakspots on the mantlet close to the gun (not the gun itself tho)
- currently, the crew model for the EU tree is that the nations can use only their tanks (for example Italians can use only Italian tanks), but this is not final, it will be sorted once the tree becomes actual. This model does NOT concern the other branches, eg. Soviet crews won’t be usable in German tanks etc.
- ingame mission (event) status (SS: as in “you have killed 15 tanks out of 30 needed for example) will be implemented, starting from 8.8
- SU-26 won’t be completely removed from the game (SS: player – “it’s so bad I can’t even watch it”)
- M6A2E1 is a promo tank, it doesn’t get the credit bonus like the regular premium tanks
- there are many tanks left that will be introduced to WoT
- the M103 203mm frontal armor is the connection (weld) between armor plates, on other places the armor is thinner
- in real life, tankers could load the tank with more shells than it was proscribed. WG tested this as a perk/skill, but unsuccessfuly (trouble with crew transfers)
- spent shell ejection after Havok introduction might be implemented
- there is another tier 10 Soviet TD left to be implemented, but it won’t come anytime soon
- SerB states that the SU-100 122mm gun is more historical than the King Tiger’s 105mm, it won’t be removed
- apparently the Waffentrager E-100 will have the same maximum speed as the current E-100, because the gearbox won’t change
- “Gott mit Uns” German inscription won’t be added – first Storm said it’s because it was written on Waffen SS belt buckles, but when confronted with the fact it’s not true, he said it still doesn’t mean this will appear in game
- dynamic tank stats will be implemented eventually, but the German TD branch will be implemented sooner
- there will be some changes in Soviet branches, but Storm will not tell for now, same goes for how the German branches will look
- Superpershing will be changed in 8.8 apparently
- there will be German rebalance in 8.8 too
- Tiger I will be changed in 8.8
- both Tigers will get maximum speed buff in 8.8
- Storm states that the Object 140 will be different from T-62A
- the Japanese medium premium Chi-Nu Kai will be available for supertesters in 8.8 test
- tier 9 rear-turret Object 430 tank is still being researched
- T-34-3 will have the 122mm gun despite the fact it was earlier rendered with a 100mm gun

 -allegedly, the patch will bring new Soviet and German (!) vehicles (see further)
Storm states: “Update 8.8 will introduce some very cool machines into the German and Soviet branches. The additional medium and heavy tank vehicles will allow the players to have more varied gameplay, while the improved balance within the German vehicle park will allow for even smoother play experience”
- the new Soviet tanks: T6 – A-43, T7 – A-44, T8 – Object 416 and Object 140 (unknown tier, possibly T9), the Object 140 will act as a top tank of that Soviet branch.
- two new German tanks will be introduced: tier 4 HT Durchbruchswagen and tier 6 MT VK3002(M) (SS: VK3002M is a Panther prototype with less armor, but generally similiar to the Panther).
- VK3001H will move to tier 5 (will be rebalanced and changed into a heavy tank), VK3601H will become a heavy tank

- 112 (Chinese premium HT) and T-34-3 (Chinese premium MT) will also be introduced

Skin AT-1

Skin Hotchkiss H35

Skin VK 3001 D