Friday, August 9, 2013

Comet Tier 7 Medium Tank

Subscriber Replay #23 - T-54 on Steppes

Hellcat Gameplay Review


Day And Night Changes On Maps

Score Counter With Skulls

In the download file there are two different files, one if You use XVM the other if You don't. 

Aitport Map Mod

Changes Spitfire to AH-1Z Viper.

6th Sense Light

Damage Indicator 8.7

Fjord Map Mod

Remodeling Object 263

6th Sense Lamps


- there will be no compensations for VK3001H owners, when it goes down a tier
- Object 430 was not scrapped, only delayed
- there will possibly be a third (yet unannounced) Soviet medium branch, of which the Object 140 will be the top tank, this branch will consist of vehicles designed in Omsk (SS: the original branch is “Nizhny Tagil” branch, the 8.8 one is “Kharkov” branch)
- tier 9 of this new branch might be a version of T-54, designated “Object 139″ (which was a prototype of Object 140)
- the anniversary hangar warships looming on the horizon are a little “hi!” from WoWs developers (SS: the second from the right is allegedly Yamato)
- Object 263 drowning too soon (as soon as the water reaches the tracks)? “How terrible…”

Improved Lighting

Author: "lgfrbcsgo"
  1. Murovanka
  2. Airfield
  3. Widepark
  4. Sacred Valley
  5. Live Oaks
  6. Cliff
  7. Himmeldorf
  8. El Hallouf
  9. Highway
  10. Redshire
  11. Pearl River
  12. Arctic Region
  13. Sewerogorsk
  14. Prohorovka
  15. Arctic Region
  16. Sewerogorsk
  17. Prohorovka

Skin IS