Saturday, August 10, 2013

XBox Style Damage Panel

17 Types Of 6th Sense Lamps By Witblitz


- no new crew skills/perks will come in 2013
- the reason of VK3001H 8.8 change was not to nerf or buff it, but to simply build the German heavy Henschel branch
- VK3001H will lose the 88mm gun on tier 5 (SS: as expected)

- Centurion tanks won’t get their maximum speed buffed to 48 km/h
- Storm doesn’t know, why VK3001P wasn’t made a heavy tank too, WG is deciding whether to do something about it or not, but most likely not
- Storm states that WG never really developed the skill MM
- Storm states he doesn’t know whether VK6201 is considered for tier 5 heavy tank slot (SS: it’s not, for whatever reason, if my info is correct)
- A-44 will be the “medium tank” version, it will not get the ZIS-6 107mm gun
- SerB states that the Object 140 will be different from T-62A, apparently the speed won’t be its main difference
- Storm confirms that the SMS password change confirmation is not working, it’s being fixed
- a player suggested the tier 9 rear-turret Object 430 to be added without finding enough info on it from the archives, because players won’t be able to contest its historicity anyway. SerB: “But that doesn’t satisfy us.
- Chaffee will be changed too in the future (SS: like the VK2801 and T-50-2)
- AMX65t (new tier 10 French heavy) might come in 2014
- Foch 155 and T57 Heavy rebalance is planned, how exactly is secret for now
- Mines map encounter mode is doing statistically fine

Skin Type 58