Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Youtube Dream Team mk II - Part 4 - Drowning? Me? Never!

VK4502A Radley-Walter's Medal with Jingles

Epic Win TD's

Sword Of Democlies Sniper & Arty Scope

China Skin Pack


- there will be no Belarussian or Ukrainian language mutation (“for each extra language, a patch will come 1 day later”)
- it’s not yet decided, whether you will be able to “see” Havok events, that happen outside your field of view (SS: as in, for example, a tank gets shot and some box mounted on the outside flies off under client physics, it’s possible this information won’t be transferred if it happens outside of your field of view, so in your case, the tank will still have the box, despite on his computer, it got torn off)
- Israeli branch won’t come for now

- it’s possible that in the future, ST-I will lose the M62 122mm gun and will have the ST-II option instead (two linked D-25mm guns)
- Soviet tanks didn’t have drum loaders, but did have automatic loaders of other type
- for now, hiding your player stats from others is not planned
- Object 268 in game has correct size, WG specifically measured it in Kubinka
- IS-4 armor slope is historical, despite various sources claiming various data: “That’s because such mistakes were within the factory accuracy limits. One T-28 had one side 15cm longer than the other and nothing happened.”
- OTO Melara M60A1 won’t be Italian top tier
- KV-5 gun won’t be changed
- no changes planned for Lowe
- DL43 Nahuel in game? “No comment”
- the turret of the Firefly will be “standard” (SS: some player claimed it had two loaders – it didn’t. SerB: “Recruited gnomes?”) – in real life, some Fireflies had the machinegunner removed and additional ammo inserted on his place
- Q: “Will Panzer II Ausf.J penetration be changed?” A: “Yes, it will be decreased two times”
- no special tanks for historical battles (SS: as in separate unlockable branch)
- VK3001P will not recieve 105mm L/52, SerB mockingly states he doesn’t believe that the vehicle could carry it
- T110E5 is doing fine statistically
- T-50-2 never had any engine stronger than 300hp historically
- both T-50 and T-50-2 hulls shared the common turret (ring), therefore the “improved armament” version (57mm/76mm can be applied to both)
- Q: “What’s the chance of 128mm L/66 appearing in the 2nd German TD line?” A: “The same chance as finding it in serious literature”
- it’s theoretically possible that the change of firefighting mechanism will bring crew perk reset for free (“if needed and we decide, what’s needed”)
- ZIS-6 was mounted (not projected, only mounted) on SU-122 chassis too, apart from the KV series
- no plans to make VK3001P a heavy
- if/when additional armor appears in the game as a module/equipment, players won’t be able to allocate its thickness
- it’s possible that VK4502P will drop to tier 8 and will be replaced by a Maus prototype, but not confirmed
- arty nerf results: “no comment for now”
- mission interface (SS: “XXXX kills left to complete mission” for example) within the game will come in 8.8
- language indicator on loging screen will be implemented
- the latest achievements added (Spartan and others) were designed by the same people, who did the other ones
- German 50mm L/60 accuracy won’t be buffed

Remodeling Churchill VII

Remodeling StuG III (two models)