Thursday, August 15, 2013

Compass Sniper Scope By 7serafim7 & Andrey_Tareev

White Style 3.0. CrossHairs By Vecsill

Arty All Config Files For Scope

Tank Icons


- the XP price for unlocking Object 140? “Wait for the test” (SS: it’s roughly the same as the price for T-62A, eg. 200k XP)
- there will be no “special” subtitles for national voiceovers, because there are currently enough indicators what’s going on (tank being hit, burning etc.)
- maps not dropping evenly? “Play 1000 battles within one patch and show us the statistics”
- too many draws on Redshire map? “How terrible…”

- no perk reducing fire chance from fuel tanks is planned (SS: that wouldn’t even make sense, fuel tanks are starting to burn only when they reach 0 hitpoints)
- Japanese tree won’t have girls-und-panzer-style girly voiceovers
- the price of the future premiums will be “right”
- Q: “Will the national voiceovers be different from voiceovers in mods?” A: “Yes, a lot, considering the fact the only mod voiceover I’ve heard is the one with my little pony voices”
- the gold-to-silver transfer ratio won’t change
- the new national voiceover won’t be more “emotional”, because WG considers too much “emotion” tiring
- in the 8.8 ASAP video at at 2:25, we can see AMX M4 Mle 1948. It however won’t be implemented anytime soon
- Q at SerB: “Why do you (not just you) look the other way and not at me (into the camera) in the ASAP videos? Are you ashamed for the arty nerf?” A: “I am sorry, but I am simply not looking at you personally, I can’t stand looking at a suffering person.”
- tier 7/8 US premium TD? “No comment”
- a player asked about the issue (apparently not so rare), where light tanks farm in such a way that they ram their teammates until they are almost dead and then they go and commit suicide by rushing and are “farming” that way. SerB called it whining and said the compensation won’t be changed (SS: I think noone can farm that way, it’s pure garbage)
- SerB’s answer on whether the multibarrel mechanism is complicated to implement: “Nothing is complicated for the one who doesn’t do it himself”
- SerB on why the stock turret of the T-54 looks the way it does: “Continuity with earlier projects. T-54 was practicall at first considered to be a modification of the T-44. They came to the hemispherical turret step by step, considering various parameters (for example, the ease with which the gun can be demounted, removing the engine cover etc.) Oh well – that’s how the designers are, stupid not to know straight from the start how to do it! Probably because they didn’t read it on the internet…”
- public terrain passability parameters are not planned
- European tree won’t come in next 2-3 patches (SS: duhhhh…)
- premium Soviet medium tank will come in one of the next 2-3 patches
- premium British tier 8 tank: “No comment”
- artillery accuracy is the same for HE and AP shells
- platoon members are not guaranteed to spawn next to each other
- Leopard Prototype B won’t come as a premium, but it’s possible it will come as a hull option for Leopard PTA
- apparently, British crews will have the same english voiceover as the American ones, at least in the beginning
- high-tier multi-turret vehicles? “Ansaldo, AKA T-39″
- players breaking the rules too much ingame? “How terrible…”
- Object 430U will not come anytime soon
- the Intuition perk is working as intended apparently
- Czechoslovak tree will not come as a separate tree, but as a part of the EU tree, SerB states that they will maintain a significant presence within their boundaries, for example with heavies it’s really bad (SS: Czechs have three possible heavy tanks as far as I remember, if we count out the IS copies: two very lowtier vehicles (2/3) and Tiger with a 75mm autoloader)
- dynamic tank characteristics in hangar (SS: as in, adjusted by crew skill) are planned

- ingame ticked system (SS: the ability to open a support ticket window in the client itself) is not planned
- no plans to introduce a system, that would replace AFK players in battle with active ones
- EU tree also having a national voiceover? “That’s quite complicated, we are working on the issue now.”
- T-44 and T-54 turret sizes in game are correct
- unguided rocket tanks will be implemented into WoT
- previously earned medals, earnable by medium tanks, will stay on the VK3601H and VK3001H despite the fact they will change their class to heavy tanks, SerB states that he doesn’t give a damn, whether in half a year, “newfags” will start to moan about medium tank medals on heavy tanks
- national voiceovers will have to be specifically turned on
- Swedish tanks of the EU tree can build possible heavy branch up to tier 10 (SS: KRV – Swedish “light” heavy autoloader prototype, somewhat resembling AMX-50B performancewise)
- Japanese heavy branch will most likely start with medium vehicles
- British and Chinese trees were released only partially (without arties, TD’s) in order to spread the load on both the developers and the players
- upper base on Pearl river much easier to play? “How terrible”
- Chinese TD’s and arties won’t come apparently anytime soon
- tier 9 for the Object 430 was found, including turret drawings
- WG already sent some people to the Swedish Armor Museum to study the KRV
- T-34-3 price too high? “If the price for a thing feels too high, it’s probably better not to buy it. That’s what I think.”
- the Japanese heavy branch won’t most likely originate from Type 91 and Type 95 heavy tanks, because there are no vehicles to put between them and higher tier heavies, but if such a vehicle is found, it might start from those tanks yet
- the tank with most hull variants is probably Panzer IV
- Province map won’t be available for tier 5 vehicles (like Widepark) for now
- Nashorn and Sturer Emil will appear in historical battles (in their respective periods)
- Sturer Emil will be (penetration-wise) equipped with the equivalent of the current 128mm E-100 gun (246 pen, 490 dam), the gun is two-times as heavy as the E-100 gun, because the weight is counted with its lafette
- historical battles might be played on large (1,5-2km) maps
- the reason behind rear-turret Soviet designs were for example better weight distribution on the suspension
- special tanks, such as the Schneider CA1 (Spanish Civil War) won’t be introduced for historical battles only, more likely they will be implemented as premium tanks
- SerB also posted this: a track link of the O-I, 1 meter wide, 20cm thick, it is found in the Wakajishi shrine in Japan:
- more Soviet derp tanks won’t be implemented for now
- different HE shell mechanics are not being developed right now
Overlord answers on his blog:
- on Superpershing rebalance: “We will be changing its armour and doing rebalancing. There is a chance that some won’t be happy with it. That’s why there will be an option to sell the tank, since you’ve invested real money into it.”
- arty rebalance (after the nerf) won’t happen in 0.8.8, but probably in 0.8.9
- 0.8.8 test will come “before September”
- Komarin should be “TD friendly”

100k Subscriber Replay Roundup 1

Storm On 8.8

- on the “admission” of the flawed MM earlier today: at some points it does put a tier 10 vehicles opposing tier 8′s (as in, one team has tier 10 tank and the other doesn't)
- the above mentioned bug will be fixed in 8.8
- the rating mentioned in ASAP video is brand new, WG-made algorithm, the exact formula won’t be disclosed
- the rating was developed for a long time, Storm believes it’s well-made
- there won’t be any possibility to hide your rating
- Serene Coast was reworked a lot, it’s very different
- reload timer in seconds will be in 8.8
- tank description on minimap will be implemented, but not anytime soon
- the reload timer will take damaged ammo rack/dead gunner into account
- random/platoon/company stats won’t be separated in 8.8

Skin SU-85