Friday, August 16, 2013

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New Russian MT's 8.8


- new WoT epic features will be announced “when the time is right”
- it’s possible that the Chinese TD line will start (or at least, there will be a transfer between branches) either from Type 58, or the IS-2
- the new Soviet line suspension won’t have any special feature, such as less aim spread when moving
- SerB states that the tanks do not turn over on their backs, because the feature is not ready yet. When it is ready, players will whine about it.
- S-Tank (Strv 103) is still being discussed, its fate is not decided yet
- Chris Taylor’s new project? “No comment”
- SerB states that WG doesn’t know of any Chinese tanks, that would fit WoT while having good gun depression
- new hightier tanks with autoloader? “You’ll see soon”
- player statistics separation (separate random, clan and company stats)? “You’ll see soon”
- website player profile will be fixed to display the clanwars event achievements
- the average damage dealt by an average player stayed the same in last year or two
- SerB thinks that WG competitors will definitely make a tank game with MBT’s, as it was Wargaming, that brought tanks back into fashion
- according to SerB, mobility can roughly be estimated by tank horsepower (SS: but not completely, other factors play a role)
- artillery autoaim is not planned
- DickerMax buff not planned
- additional optional tank properties in the battle interface (SS: for example, showing the target’s viewrange) are not planned
- MM mechanism does not influence map choices
- T34 won’t get limited MM (“don’t buy T34″)
- Wargaming is sponsoring Russian History Channel’s “Great tank battles” (SS: History channel is a general source of notorious garbage and myths, so that explains a lot)
- WG plans to introduce their own replay-to-video converter
- SerB’s favourite tank is T-44, his least favourite is some TD
- no plans to put tanks, planes and ships into one client
- WG has a few ideas for new games, but no comment
- regarding quest: the tanks, mentioned as possible rewards for very tough quests, will be “premium and event” tanks, they will come with free slots possibly
- if you earn a tank that you already have as a reward, you will probably get its price in gold instead, but SerB states they will very much try to avoid such situations
- it’s possible that the quest reward tanks will be also hightier premium/event tanks, Panzer IV Hydro and SU-85i will probably (SS: if I understood this correctly) not appear as quest rewards.
- player-posted ideas have apparently “minimal impact on feature implementation”
- SerB states that as far as he knows, there won’t be a free crew perk/skill reset, when VK3001H and 3601H change classes to heavy
- Object 140 research possibility from T-54 will NOT be removed, when Object 430 and its prototype make an appearance
- the XP bonus for victory is in fact NOT 50 percent, it’s more complicated than that according to SerB, exact mechanism won’t be disclosed, but the exact bonus depends on “how confident (SS: as in overwhelming) the victory was”
- Sherman Calliope most likely won’t be introduced, Sturmtiger will be introduced, as its “rocket” mortar projectile doesn’t behave like a typical rocket projectile
- the ingame quests are considered to be a development of the “daily 2x” approach, when players are encouraged to play every day (at least a bit)
- the amount of additional XP you get for damage increases linearily with your target’s and your’s tier difference
- Q: (related to SerB’s wish to remove some tanks from the game because they are unhistorical, such as the IS-7) “Why don’t you remove the Tiger? It fought with Waffen SS!” A: “It’s interesting, that it was the Germans themselves, who asked for the removal of Wittmann. But our players, who jerk off over reputation (SS: “lajkodrocher” – literally “someone who masturbates over FB likes”) are tend to be holier than the pope himself. Makes me thinks – are such degenerates unicums only in our (SS: Russian) community, or are they elsewhere too?”
Occulus Rift support is planned
- it’s possible, that in the future, subcaliber shell jacket is going to be modelled in the game
- it’s possible that the Superpershing price will be changed after the nerf, SerB expects cca 10k players to sell it

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