Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sherman M4A3 Up Close & Personal

IS-3 Side Armour

Flying Tank Soul 8.7

*Important: copy to WOT/res_mods/ when the game is working.

Non Premium Warhammer Hangar By Andre_V

Non Premium Hangar By NKVD54

Non Premium Hangar By Gigahz

Anime Loadf Screens


- SerB is currently in bed sick apparently
- SerB is not responsible for tank price policy
- the vehicle being sellable for gold mechanism had to be developed specifically for the Superpershing case and it won’t be permanently in the game
- the Havok feature of stuff from tank flying off (the boxes, tools and such stuff) is planned

- an anti-bot/cheat software, detecting 3rd party programs, implemented in WoT? “No comment”
- Q: “Have you seen the TD event forum feedback? People don’t understand, how you can accumulate so much XP on the TD” A: “People don’t understand many things, that’s normal, but not critical.”
- SerB states that gameplay skill is more important than mods, when in a battle (regarding the question, whether mods don’t give too much advantage)
- there won’t be special subtitles for national voiceovers
- Sixth Sense won’t be removed from the game
- it’s technically possible to implement hotkeys into the hangar UI
- Lowe would have to have a worse gun in order to have limited MM
- WG is the owner of some patents (SS: as linked months ago, the MM patent for example), Storm admits WG had to sue someone in order to protect their patents
- ingame hangar selection (SS: as in, for example the ability to disable special event hangars) is not planned for now
Storm answers under the 0.8.8 patchnotes leak article:
- 0.8.8 test will come soon
- VK3001H and 3601H tank crew will automatically re-learn to “heavy” tank
- T-44-85 will be available for sale later, but T-44-122 won’t be ever sold, it won’t be a CW reward and it won’t be an event reward vehicle (SS: it’s possible that it will serve as a reward for some very tough ingame quests, Storm will tell “soon”)
- Germans will recieve a small buff, not a nerf
- the reload time in seconds will be working with hundreds of seconds (SS: “4,12 seconds remaining” for example)

Scouting Safely...

Special thanks to Bosko_Buva [P-M-K] EU Server.

Skin T29

Skin Object 263

Skin Anime Leopard 1

Tanks In The Korean War