Sunday, August 18, 2013

8.8 New Statistics Look

100k Replay Contest - How Not To Be Seen


- Q: “Please make the ignore list able to accomodate 100 thousand names, because only retards play this game” A: “You mean those, who can’t read the rules of this thread?” (SS: whining is forbidden in the Q&A thread)
Iwakuro tank is considered in the Japanese heavy tree
- SerB doesn’t want to fill the gap between lowtier and mid-tier Japanese heavies with medium tanks, he states that the branch has to have internal cohesion, as in – the vehicles that logically follow one another
- SerB states that WoT made him more rich than he was before WoT, but he won’t tell how much
- more T110 models in game? “Unfortunately, we haven’t found anything appart from Hunnicutt” (SS: Hunnicutt is the foremost authority on US tanks, something like Doyle/Spielberger on Germans)
- SerB hopes that they will soon be able to check the archives for classified projects from 40′s and 50′s with the help of Russian ministry of defense.