Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Remodeling IS-4M

White Style Arty & Sniper Scope v3.1 Russian

Skin KV-1

Skin LTP Anime


- account to account gold transfer (SS: apart from the gift shop) won’t be implemented, as it holds no advantage for WG
- SerB on tanks without healthbars (SS: as in, any hit could potentially kill a tank): “This variant has been tested and scrapped a long time ago. It was tried like that during one part of the alpha test. The gameplay was worse than it is now, the influence of skill was even smaller and the influence of luck was greater. It won’t be implemented. As an example of this, I suggest reading the mass whining of War Thunder players about their planes incomprehensibly ‘eating’ damage.”
- in 0.8.8, 112 and T-34-3 tanks will not be available via the ingame shop, only via gift shop (SS: the question is related to RU server, but it’s likely this will happen everywhere) temporarily, because the developers want to “control the amount of these vehicles in game and taking them down from the shop is easier, removing them out of the ingame shop requires a micropatch”.

- Q: “Will the T-34-3 and 112 not be in the ingame shop in order not to allow the Superpershing sellers to buy new tanks straight away?” A:”Conspiracy!!!!”
- apparently, premium Soviet medium tank will appear in 0.8.9
- WG can track, what settings is the player client using
- tier 8 tanks dropping too often to hightier battles after patch 0.8.5? “They are always whining” (SS: SerB quotes someone, not sure who)
- SerB watched the Russian tank biathlon movie, he liked it
- serial AFKers are being tracked, but random AFKers won’t be punished (for example by kicking them out of the game), because SerB acknowledges that people can get into various normal situations, that can make them go AFK (such as kids peeing, mum calling for lunch etc.)
- the new chat system will work on the same platform as the WoWp chat, but both will also recieve improvements
- at some point the Dragon Ridge will return (SS: not sure when)
- SerB states that World of Tanks didn’t start the use of F2P model trend – on the contrary, the trend was there earlier and WoT used it, but the success of WoT did have influence on its popularity
- the developers tried to implement the ingame voice chat without having to press buttons (just like in skype), but there was a lot of sound interference, if this is fixed, permanently activated voice chat might come
- according to SerB (but he’s not totally sure), tier 8 RU251 German LT won’t have a separate radioman, like the Leopard 1
- it’s not yet sure, if/when T-34-100 will return to the game, WG is still looking for more info in the archives (SS: not sure if info on it, or info on other tanks for a branch it could be a part of)
- in the future, there will be some development of the combat missions/quests (SS: possibly in a form of dailies)
- for now, there are no plans to introduce special premium tanks, that would instead of extra credits give extra free/crew XP, as the matter is being handled by different means
- new additional modules (SS: here I am not sure whether the player means modules, or equipment) might be implemented, but it’s not guaranteed
- WG is considering at the moment in ALL the crews without the radioman to move the radioman function on the loader (SS: in all vehicles without radiomen, loaders would act like radiomen), but it’s just an idea for now
- in 8.8, E-50 top speed will remain the same
- it’s not yet decided, whether (when the option is implemented) installing another tank hull module will increase tank HP
- a lot (most) mods will not work in 8.8, as WoT is moving on new version of ActionScript
- more mods being “officially implemented” into WoT? “We will implement what we consider needed. However, we don’t consider a whole lot of things needed.”
- it’s not planned to make crew killable by engine fires
- AMX M4 Mle.48 – “when it’s done it’s done”
- main difference between new and old French heavy branches? “New one won’t have autoloaders.”
- various sides’ winrate on various maps has not changed significantly after the arty nerf
- which tanks will recieve the possibility to mount additional armor equipment? “Those that need it and where it is historical”
- Kanonenjagdpanzer is not in WG plans for now
- RU251 will come soon, modelling work is finishing
- in historical battles, Ferdinand won’t be separated into Ferdinand and Elefant and it won’t have 128mm gun, Maus will not appear and IS-3 will appear only if Arab-Israeli conflicts are implemented into historical battles, historical battles will be separated most likely not by years, but by significant battles.
- in historical battles, “coalitions” (US+USSR vs Germany) apparently won’t be implemented, but Churchill tanks might appear (in their historical 6pdr configuration) in Soviet ranks
- captured tanks will probably appear in historical battles
- M60 won’t be awarded for combat missions, combat missions will get other reward tanks (SS: first one possibly being the T-44-122, just my guess)
- captured tanks won’t have researchable modules and crew-wise they will work like premium tanks most likely, but no more details are available, according to SerB there are many variants for them, including giving them out as rewards for historical battles

Supertest 8.8

Marder 3 (tier 4)
Nashorn (tier 6)

Object 140 (tier 10)
Object 430 (tier 10)

Skin Pack's For All Nations

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Epic Win TD's

3D Icons Black_Spy v.2.3.6

Battlefield 3 Style Sniper Scope