Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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E-75 Gameplay Review

Remodeling Sherman Jumbo / M4A3E2

Skin Object 704

Skin T-43


 World of Warplanes will officially be released on September 26th in the USA and EU
- SerB states that Russian archives are such mess that you never know, what you will find. It’s possible to dig in them only in general direction (for example “self propelled guns”)
- no plans to add rotating ventilators on tank models: Storm states that the rotating blades wouldn’t be visible anyway over the grill cover. French tanks with clearly visible ventilators won’t have them rotating either (SS: if I understand this correctly)

- the infamous WZ-132 engine difference lies (apart from the 10kg weight) in the fact that the top engine has much more hp and thus is more difficult to damage
- installed modules are not taken into account when calculating vehicle position in the team (SS: as in, modules don’t increase/decrease MM weight, the only exception is that newly researched (stock) vehicles have limited MM for a small number of battles (5-10))
- optional reward for quests/missions (SS: as in, you pick whether you want gold or a reward tank for example) will not be implemented
- WoT Blitz is being developed as fast as WG can
- terrain deformable by tracks is not planned (SS: as in, tracks leaving holes etc)
- with the implementation of Havok, not all buildings will be destructable
- 2014 graphic increase will mean increased number of polygons on models
- so far, no info on historical battles will be disclosed: the mode is being developed and the ideas are changing a lot
- there are no credit/XP modifiers for fighting when your team is outnumbering the enemy team or being outnumbered by them (SS: as in, you won’t get more XP when you are fighting 6 vs 15)

Honoring the Dead - T-50-2

100k Subscriber Replay Roundup 3

Skin IS-3

Skin M22 Locust

Skin E-50 Ausf M

Skin Black Princ By AtomicFly

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Remodeling 113

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