Friday, August 23, 2013


- according to SerB, both LTP and T-127 are doing fine
- rangefinder won’t be implemented into the snipermode UI
- Object 430 won’t have a smoothbore gun
- in historical battles, only historical setups will appear, for example T-34-57 might appear, but only in 1941

- E-50 will have medium spall liner despite its weight, because it’s a medium tank
- the possibility for players to switch their Type 59 for T-34-3 for free is not planned
- cross-game quests (missions) are not planned, because a part of playerbase will play only WoWp or only WoT
- it’s possible that missions doable only in groups will be implemented
- increased amount of model polygons will come in global remodelling (SS: 2014)
- the new Type 64 ingame light tank is a M42 Duster hull with Hellcat turret
- Type 59 MM weight nerf is not planned
- Q: “E-50M is underpowered.” A: “Whine. Whine never changes.
- tracks hanging on armor do not increase armor thickness in WoT, the only exception is Churchill VII’s top turret
- terrain passability does have an influence on how fast a tank can climb a mountain
- Sturmtiger won’t come in 2013 or early 2014 (SS: well, “some say” that he’s waiting for its own assault gun branch)
- in 8.8, E-50 gun mantlet got changed, no such thing is planned for Panther II
- according to Storm, Improved Ventilation module does increase the speed with which a tank can climb a hill
- E-50 and E-50M frontal armor in 8.8: 150mm upper front, 100mm lower front
- if you have a tank with three engines (for example Tiger) and the top engine gets removed in 8.8, but you sold the other two already, you will get one for free
- roaming from RU on EU servers is planned
- RNG factor in penetration and damage won’t be reduced
- spall liner improved 8.8 crew save will actually work on all types of damage/shells
- E-50M and E-100 parameters will also be changed
- SU-100 is not planned to lose its top gun, unlike the KV-1S
- in 8.9, KV-1S will lose its 122mm gun, Foch, Foch155, T57Heavy and one more tank will be nerfed and cca 20 tanks will be buffed
And now, answers from the developer’s blog
- XVM mod will officially not be implemented (SS: as in, interface won’t be selectable to look like XVM)
- the new WG rating will be a number, but the exact formula won’t be disclosed
- Storm states that mod-makers “won’t do” (fix) the official reload timer (SS: in other words, it’s more complicated than it seems)
- skill MM is STILL not planned
- the problem with the reload timer won’t be fixed in 8.8, as there are enough problems with Action Script 3 as it is, one of the bugs is incorrect calculations with damaged ammorack/dead loader
- 8.8 won’t contain engine optimizations
- serverside replays are being worked on
And more answers from different post on developer’s blog:
- the Chinese premium tanks might appear in round 2 of 8.8 test
- in the beginning, T-34-3 and 112 will be available only via giftshop
- Object 268 won’t be nerfed in 8.9
- Leopard 1 won’t be buffed in 8.9, but Leopard PTA is not clear yet
- KV-5 won’t be buffed
- 2nd German TD branch will start from Marder 2
- KV-1S with 122mm as tier 7 premium? “There the model has to be changed. A little, but has to.”
- 121 will not get gun depression buff
- Hetzer rebalance? “All in due time”
- it’s possible AMX-50B will get a buff
- Uralmash-1 will get a traverse buff for 100mm guns
- D-2-5T is D-25T with a different muzzle brake

MADE in the USSR: T-80 Main Battle Tank! (English subtitles)

How To Be Useless #8

TankTricks: Battle City

Taipan Sniper Scope By Dikey93

MOD [0.8.7] — Radial Menu Editor v1.3.2!

Skin Sexton

Skin MT-25

Skin E-25

Skin T29 Anime

Skin Sexton

[0.8.7] Aslain’s XVM Mod v2.8.15

[0.8.7] Kodos Contour Icon Mod

[0.8.7] Kodos «hitlog only» Mod

Hitlog only
(containing hitlog and advanced capture bar)

Posted Image


Hitlog + Damage Panel
(from panel Dellux)
(containing hitlog, advanced capture bar and damage panel with repair timer and fire indicator)

Posted Image


Version with XVM-Over Target Markers
(same as above but with the OTM from xvm)


Version for xvm-stat user
(same as above but with activated xvm statistic)


German Version



Make sure that the folder "xvm" is in res_mods (and not inside 0.8.7 or somewhere else)
Also check if other mods you are using, have xvm files (like locastans statistic) you may have to merge some folders of the mods and/or change the xvm.xc file
There are also sometimes problems with other mods which contains xvm files

If the hitlog is not in the right place:

open hiltog.xc (search for "hitlog") and change y setting:
"x": 200,
"visible": true,
"y": -10,
"insertOrder": "begin",
"deadMarker": "+",
"lines": 10,
"groupHitsByPlayer": true,
"blowupMarker": "#",
"h": 400

To "-232"

Enhanced Customizeable Radial Menu (8.7) v.2.4

I present to you my translation of the customizeable radial menu (you know the useless z popup menu) that was originally done by hedger.

You can customize the chat command give by this menu yourself in the RadialMenu.xml residing in this mod.
For editing the xml file, I recommend using Angelto20's Radial Menu Editor although it is a bit hard to find on his blog...
Here are some examples:
Normal menu points without targeting anything: