Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Quicky #111 - Tiger P vs Zwei Löwen

Patch 8.8 Preview - VK3001(H) Tier 5 Heavy Tank


- it looks like no matter what happens with the KV-1S 122mm gun, the 100mm S-34 will be added either way
- the reason for KV-1S balance is that it stands out in the statistics. Not terribly, but it does. So in any case it is necessery to somehow nerf the 122mm KV-1S, but what exactly is still being discussed
- the German unhistorical engines removal was the balance team’s idea, not SerB’s.

- Q: “Why remove unhistorical German engines when most of the players don’t care about their historicity anyway, but it did cost a lot of XP to level them up and it causes distrust between players and WG?” A: “We don’t care about distrust, conspiracy theorists would make up a conspiracy theory anyway”
- gold shells use has not increased compared to before, according to developers, the gold ammo for credits was a good thing to do
- no skill MM will ever appear: “If you get more skilled, you will have the right to pwn”
- SerB wants to remove the new sliders from the test, he already wrote Storm about it
- will the Object 140 have better accuracy on the move because of the improved suspension? “Tests will show”
- officially there will not be an option to actually select, which national voiceover goes to which tank, but the modmakers will do something like that SerB says
- SerB on constant WoT rebalance: “There is stability only in grave – in the sense that there is not one “live” MMO without constant rebalance”
- the GW E tracks are too heavy (40 tons, 30 tons for other E-100 vehicles), these 10 tons will be moved from the trucks to the hull, it has no influence on gameplay, so it has very low priority
- whilem the T-44-85 will carry the S-54 gun, its ballistic properties are allegedly the same as the ones of S-53, eg. 120 pen. It’s possible that the T-44-85 will recieve special shells to improve the penetration
- maps Moscow, Stalingrad, Minsk and Kharkov (city maps) are being developed for random battles too
- national voiceover subtitles in other language are not planned

Tiger II Weakspot Gone In 8.8

Basically, the commander’s copula was removed as an easily penetrable weakspot. Earlier:

VK3601H And Tiger Mantlet Changes In 8.8

K3601H 88mm gun mantlet got thicker in 8.8. This is how it looks:
In 8.7, it was 40-80-100, in 8.8 it is 50-100-135. Be advised that the Konisch uses a different mantlet, that is 100mm all across the space.
Tiger mantlet got much more complex. This is the old one:
And this is the new one:

Skin T-62A

Skin T71