Monday, August 26, 2013

8.8 Map Preview - Tundra

Remodeling Black Prince


- the bug where the vehicle says “not ready for battle” but in fact it IS read for battle on test server is a bug, it will be solved
- the Tiger buffs will make the Tiger more popular
- there will be no special XP/credit compensation for engines lost in 8.8
- if you sell your Superpershing, you will get no gold compensation for its gold ammo
- WG will compensate premium account only if the servers were down for more than 4 hours
- the new WG rating does not imply there will be a rating based MM
- there will be no “forsage” mode/consumable for Germans, as the 1200hp engines (E-50/75) were totally unhistorical, the “forsage” allowed the engine to temporarily operate at 1000hp and it was available only in the 60′s
- boiler plates of the same thickness are roughly two times less effective than armor plates, when it comes to resistance to shells. That’s one of the reasons more “layers” of Superpershing armor will not be modelled, it will stay as it is in 8.8
- the reason Leopard prototype has such a thin armor (50mm) is that by that time, all the countries used HEAT and subcaliber rounds en masse and the designers thought that no matter what they do, the armor will get penetrated anyway, so they might as well make it withstand only low caliber weapons fire from autocannons, while making the vehicle lighter and faster
- the German tanks didn’t have historical modules in the past, because “it was not possible to do it from the start” (SS: I guess it’s tied to the evolution of the branches, where vehicles were forced to fill other niches, f.e. +/-3 tier spread)
- SerB has a Moskvich 2141 from 1993 as his car
- Soviet 1200hp engines are historical, as it was basically two 600hp V-2 engines working in pair
- Q:”Will you make the commander’s copulas not damageable by shells?” A:”And what about a ‘make me invulnerable and kill all’ button?”
- reward tanks from missions will be hard to obtain
- SerB on how much historical WOT is: “We balance the historicity and the playability in such an extent we consider necessery”
- despite the fact tanks are being balanced around their top configuration, SerB states that no gun is considered to be “top” and thus the two guns for T-44 for example (D-25T and LB-1) are considered equal
- RU251 will not come in 8.9, as there are still some issues with obtaining some info from M√ľnster
- the idea is that free experience should be shared between WoT, WoWp and WoWs, but the developers are still waiting for some technical solution on this
- Q: “You removed the unhistorical engine from E-75. How do you know what engine was historical, when the vehicle was never built and no engine was installed in it?” A: “No engine was installed in it in real life, so we’ll just remove all the engines from it”
- Object 139 won’t be introduced as a separate tank
- the entire German E-series rebalance is a compromise according to SerB
- Havoc server-side destruction physics will be implemented
- S-34 (the new coming KV-1S gun) is roughly equal to the 100mm D-10T, it’s a bit weaker in secondary parameters
- SerB is still fighting to keep the 122mm KV-1S
- 2nd German TD branch in 8.9? “It’s possible”
- 7/42 companies: “when it’s done it’s done”
- the fire extinguisher change is not actual ATM (SS: there was a plan to make all the fire extinguishers automatic, with the skill reducing the delay in which they activate)
- Q: “Why does not shooting allies who are capturing enemy base reset the capture counter like when you shoot enemies?” A: “So that retards – and you did try that, didn’t you? – don’t disrupt the capture while screaming ‘No cap!!!!!!’”

Skin SU-152

Remodeling Matilda

Skin M22 Locust

Patch 8.8 - National Voice-Overs

Skin Pack

1hvy, M6, AT8, AT7, AMX AC Mle1948, ELC AMX, AMX 50Fosh155, Ltraktor, Wespe, Grille, VK1602, E-100, JagdPz E100
TOG II, Type59, Type62, 110, 111 1-3, AMX 50 100, ARL V39, Tiger I, JagdPzIV, Marder II

1hvy, M6, AT8, AT7, AMX AC Mle1948, ELC AMX, AMX 50Fosh155, Ltraktor, Wespe, Grille, VK1602, E-100, JagdPz E100 

TOG II, Type59, Type62, 110, 111 1-3, AMX 50 100, ARL V39, Tiger I, JagdPzIV, Marder II 

Skin T-43