Tuesday, August 27, 2013

112 Gameplay Review

T-34-3 Gameplay Review

A Quicky #113 - Insane Combo

Desert Hangar By Hellinger


- Q: “This game needs more player rewards, for example 200 gold for each player every day” A:”You came to the wrong game. I think that you need a game, where they will pay you 100 thousand for simply you showing the developers the honor by turning your attention to it. And of course not in gold, but in real money.”
- singleplayer missions are not planned, the load on the server would be too high (SS: for example for the tutorial, server has to create one map session for every single player, that’s very uneconomical)

- when you have 6 perks and more, individual perks are no longer displayed, instead, the icons get “compressed” like this:
This is not planned to be changed.
- Object 140 a T-62A clone and not needed? “Your opinion is very important to us” (SS: sarcasm)
- accuracy wasn’t changed in 8.8
- SerB is not sure about the E-50M being balanced well in 0.8.8
- it’s not yet sure, what the name shortcut of the Waffentr├Ąger E-100 will be in 0.8.9 (SS: yes, we can be reasonably sure the German TD’s will come in 8.9)
- Q: “Why does T-34-3 cost 11k gold and not 7,5k?” A: “Because 11k is more than 7,5k”
- second American medium line (SS: third, if you count the T57H line) is planned, devs are looking for vehicles for it
- Chaffee branch will be prolonged

You’ll like this, SerB’s on the roll again.
- SerB on Gaijin War Thunder tanks, when asked what he thinks about them:
“We do watch them. Company Gaijin, by the way, puts a lot of effort into making its project NOT resembling WoT (true, not always – for example module unlocking they made basically the same as we have it in the end, only instead of normal stock modules they give out “worn out” modules). And so their experience is very valuable for us, mostly in the “how not to do it” part. But if they – let’s say – manage to make a playable tank game with better historicity (Tiger with heavier turret(c)), we will gladly learn from their experience”
- SU-152 Taran is not planned
- Q (on SerB): “How did the EU community react on the Stalin inscriptions returning?” A: “Majority doesn’t care, the only ones with butthurting are the Polish (it’s their national sport) and – oddly enough – Romanians”

- SerB on Comet being UP: “I don’t understand how bad a player you have to be not to pwn in Comet”
- SerB on dynamic tank characteristics in hangar: “In my opinion, this is what should have been made instead of screwing up shell sliders. But our UI makers have their own vision”
- Landkreuzer Ratte will not appear in WoT even as map decoration
- what will follow in branch after Chaffee? “No comment”
- the “you get as much XP for losing as you get for winning if you get a medal” feature in 8.8 test will make it to the public server
- SerB states that WoT made the Kubinka museum increase its visitor count 4 times
- SerB on various player-made “votes” and “surveys” about game matters: “We will be guided by player surveys only if democracy is brought to Wargaming by American bombers, or if the players buy 51 percent of WG shares”
- Player Kwot34 asks SerB: “What will be your thoughts if I show you my Comet results?” A:”(my thoughts will be) ‘Am I such a bad player as Kwot34?’”
- 8.8 lower frontal armor of Tiger II (100mm) is historical (SS: yes it is, according to Doyle), the 120mm LFP is a mistake coming from one Russian book by an author named Barjatinskij, it’s widespread on RU forums
- the 8.8 Superpershing frontal armor is now completely historical
- Jagdtiger 88 won’t be changed as a part of the 8.8 German changes, because it is a premium vehicle. For now at least.
- Jagdtiger lower frontal plate will also be reduced from 120 to 100mm
- Q: “Okay, you are not changing JT88 so more people buy it?” A: “Conspiracy everywhere, how are we supposed to live with that?!”
- Q: “JT88 was not touched ‘for now’, is it possible it will be nerfed and gold will be returned like in SP case?” A: “Everything’s possible”
- crew XP gain mechanism was not touched in 8.8
- WG considers 1 degree error in armor slope compared to the historical original acceptable
- E-75 might be buffed a bit for test 2 of 8.8 in order to compensate for the loss of the 1200hp engine
- SerB is very invested in WoT Xbox 360
- SerB answers to a player, who suggested the Object 140 to be on tier 9 and refers to a player survey that the players want it: “It’s a stupid proposal. You proposed the branch that was intended originally. But the problem is – the proposal to put Object 140 on tier 9 was already declined. We talked about this earlier. But you and others like you don’t read, you only write… and putting Object 140 on tier 9 will not succeed even if 100500 players vote for this stupidity.”
- Object 140 is better armored than T-54
- about demolitions of bridges in WOT (when Havok is implemented): “In World of Tanks we’ll have to solve the issue with tanks standing under them getting buried by the rubble”

Test Server 8.7 - 112 & T-34-3