Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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Epic Win MT's

Replay Roundup 4 - Heartbreakers

Object 140 8.8 Preview

Skin Birch Gun


- The_Chieftain, US developer and tank expert, is pushing for a 3rd US TD line. He states there are a few tier 3 to 6′s possible, but high tiers will be a problem
- when there is tank A and tank B, with tank A having a lot of engine power but bad terrain passability, while tank B has bad engine power but good terrain passability, it’s possible to actually test the difference by looking at acceleration: tank A will have better acceleration at lower speeds
- SerB posted this when asked about a single photo where the Superpershing has the “ears” on the turret.

- apparently 100 percent crews for credit won’t be implemented
- historical info on the Chi-Nu Kai will be published
- for now, there are no tier 8 premium candidates for Japan
- experience spent on unlocking top E50/75 engines will not be compensated:
“That would be illogical. You had a tank in elite configuration and after that you will have a tank in elite configuration. What is there to compensate?”
“What was the purpose of unlocking the top engine? Elite tank. That was the purpose, was it not? Noone needs the engine alone apart from the tank. After all the changes, the player will again recieve an elite tank. So what is there to compensate?”
“You all put it as if playing the game was a hard work, that needs to be compensated. Or did you, like everyone else, play for fun? What is there to compensate? Fun time, spent in the game?”
- the developers decided not to increase the XP cost of E-100 in order to compensate for the engine lost, because they considered the E-100 XP cost too high anyway
- the different sound when shooting the Object 140 gun compared to T-62A is a bug
- the compensation policy has changed since the SU-85 case (SS: it lost its top gun and XP was compensated for it). SerB on the SU-85 case: “That was a different situation. 107mm on SU-122 for example stood outside of the main unlocking line (SS: leading to new tank) and the gun unlocking spot was clearly localized”
- terrain passability for the E-75 on medium and soft ground will be buffed in round 2 of the test
- no plans to implement modern tanks into WoT
- the game Bigworld engine and Havok have nothing to do with the fact the modern tanks won’t make it to WoT
- Q: “Will obviously overpowered Object 268 be nerfed?” A: “Noobs always think other “imbalanced” tanks prevent them from pwning, they don’t blame their own game skill”
- commander tanks (less hitpoints, bigger viewrange and radio range) are still planned, “when it’s done it’s done”
- Foch and T57 won’t be nerfed because of whine, but because they stand out statistically
- the arty nerf statistics are already available for the developers, SerB states that all the intended goals were met

Skin 113

Skin E-100

Skin T-34

Crowd Control with my SysterYster #1 - 11 kills

Patch 8.8 Preview - The Not So Super Pershing.