Saturday, August 31, 2013

Skin WZ-120

Remodeling T71

WoWP Sniper Scope


- when the turret of the IS-7 rotates sideways from the hull and its silhouette overlaps the hull itself, it’s actually possible to shoot the bottom of the turret, if your tank is significantly lower than the IS-7 itself. The bottom of the turret is 20mm thick
- there are plans for more crew perks – it will happen in WoWp much sooner than in WoT
- SerB on linear XP requirement for crew skills in WoWp: “Linear system was implemented as an experiment. It is easier to understand than the exponential one, despite the average effective skill when levelling up being 75 percent (compared to exponential system’s 87 percent). The total XP cost of levelling the crew skills up is the same as in the exponential system”
- the average battle time in WoT is 7 minutes, for WoWp it’s 3-4 minutes. The WoWp battles are more dynamical and the developers consider these numbers okay
- SerB states that it is possible to put the T15E2M2 on the Superpershing and it’s also possible to remove it from the regular tank
- premium account is now common for WoWp and WoT and it will work for both
- SerB states that the rewards for player skill improvement are the credits and XP and that’s normal (SS: as in: no extra rewards for steady rating improvement will be offered)
- SerB has nothing to do with World of Tanks Assistent (done by a different group)
- SerB states that the current bushes are “standard technology” – if they were all modelled in 3D completely, it would require the players to have much stronger computers
- shooting a gun actually forces a visibility check outside of regular visibility check cycles (SS: for details on visibility mechanism, check wotwiki)
- the future of the “180pen Pershing gun” is “in doubt”
- the 170 pen on T15 gun is historical, it’s calculated according to Soviet methodology of penetration, in which it really is 170 pen
- there is a rumor going around RU forums that because of the gold inflation, all the future new premium tanks will be sold via gift shop. This rumor is false.
- SerB feels “indifferent” towards possible Superpershing penetration buff