Monday, September 2, 2013


- SerB is not afraid of WoWp stealing players from WoT, he thinks the migration will be normal
- SerB describing the difference between US and Soviet penetration methodology: “The difference is in the amount of shell fragments, that make it past the armor. In the common American and German system it is based on “primary penetration” (20 percent of fragments make it behind the armor), while the Soviet data are based on the “guaranteed penetration” (80 percent). We compared the data of German and American 75mm guns tested in USSR and with German 50mm, 88mm and British 57mm. There is a 1,17 times difference on average”
- SerB states that this table is not accurate, he considers the Soviet gun tests table accurate
- according to the (Soviet) data above, the Ferdinand 88mm gun performed worse than the Soviet D-10T and D-52. SerB and others were wondering why that happened, it was possible the Soviets used very early ammunition model (SS: Flak), in the end, they decided not to nerf the Ferdinand gun based on this
- WG actually started using the German penetration methodology, but switched to the Soviet one during closed WoT beta
- T-62 won’t appear in WoT, SerB categorically denies the appearance of smoothbore guns (SerB states that the current “armor plays no role” whine would be mild in comparison, as smoothbore guns typically have 400mm+ penetration)
- SerB states that historically the E-75 had neither 120mm sides, nor a 128mm gun, it had 80mm side armor. It was not an improvement of the King Tiger, but its simplification for production. Currently it is not historical in game and if a suitable candidate for its replacement is found, it will be reconsidered (SS: that’s funny, I thought it was actually 120mm)
- the final variant of Panther II lower frontal plate was allegedly planned to be 120mm thick, SerB will have a look at it too (SS: probably a typo, the poster most likely means upper frontal plate)
- theoretically it would be possible to nerf the D-25T penetration to 165 by introducing early type shells, but it won’t be done… for now
- SerB agrees with the King Tiger 105mm aim time nerf
- SerB states that the 8.8 changes in German heavy tanks mobility still made them roughly equal in value to what they were before
- SerB sees no reason for rebalancing T-62A/Object 140 in order to make them differ more from one another
- it’s possible the collision model of the Object 140 will change (making it bigger)
- historically, the D-5T and S-53 guns were considered sufficient until the King Tiger appeared. But the fact that the 85BM gun appeared shows that the ballistic properties of 52-K were considered inferior to the German 88mm
- IS-7 will not be made more mobile
- animated tail gunner will be implemented into WoWp

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Skin VK4502A


- as was mentioned before, currently, WoWp average battle time is roughly 4 minutes (which is about half of that of WoT). SerB states that the XP income will be set so that tier 10 can be reached roughly within the same amount of battles as in WoT

- Taiwanese TD’s in Chinese tree? “Unfortunately, we haven’t found any yet”
- if you unlock Object 140 in 8.8, you will still have it unlocked when Object 430 comes (SS: but you won’t have 430 unlocked automatically as well)
- Q: “Will Maus characteristics be changed? And please answer without trolling.” A:”……….. (here there was supposed to be the trolling, but you asked for no trolling, so…)”
- the engine compensation for E50/75 (previously WG firmly said there will be no compensation) was a result of a “little discussion”
- SerB on why they buffed already strong tanks: “The strong will become (SS: not stronger, but) more elaborate/advanced, while the weak will recieve additional impulse to become strong”
- SerB states that the T15E2 gun penetration is historical, it was only recalculated according to Soviet standards (SS: for those not versed in this: Soviets used different methodology than the Americans or Germans, when it came to calculating penetrating hits. In other words, if a Soviet test ended with 170mm penetration, it does NOT equal an American 170mm test result. Recalculations must be made.)
- additionally (regarding the case above), there is no need to point out Hunnicutt results to the developers, they know about his books, SerB states that the method of result recalculation is definitely correct
- T-50-2 was not changed (thrown out) sooner simply because WG didn’t get to do it