Tuesday, September 3, 2013


- according to The_Chieftain, the US rebalance has been postponed from 8.9 till later
- the Object 268 supposed “nerf leak” is still circulating RU forums, so once again, it’s garbage
- Q: “Why do you troll some questions and answers others correctly, it’s not fair!” A: “Want justice? Go to Hague tribunal.”
- M6A2E1 HT underperforming in regular MM spread? “How terrible…”
- the current A-44 turret is the original project turret (SS: there were other variants too, with additional armor for example)

- the fact the MT-25 left track is shifted a bit forward compared to the right one is apparently historically correct
- SerB doesn’t like the stock Bishop too much apparently
- SerB states that apart from newly unlocked tanks having better MM for a few battles and MM dropping you on top of middle of your team after certain number of games played at the bottom, there are no special coefficients influencing whether you will end up as the top tank of your team or on the bottom
- developers are considering the implementation of two screen support for WoT
- WoT for MAC is being worked on apparently
- WoT: Blitz will work on iPad too
- WoWp and WoWs for pads? “No comment for now”
- 8.8 test will be prolonged “if needed”
- it’s possible to expect the T-44-85 to appear publicly in 8.9, but not guaranteed
- Panzer IV L/48 gun model has apparently correct length
- no gun longer than L/48 was mounted on Panzer IV in real life
- Q: “Will there be more maneuverability rebalance of other tanks?” A: “Maneuverability is not the only thing in the tank characteristics”
- SEA server was according to SerB started cca 2 years ago and it includes several countries of South East Asia, with the exception of Korea, China and Vietnam (they have their own servers).
- SerB on bringing the FV4202 to historicity: “If you ask really nicely, we’ll give it a stock 84mm gun and remove the L7, that’s not difficult to do”
- there are more than two more candidates for British tier 10, one of them is the Chieftain. Otherwise: “no comment”
- allegedly, the FV215b is a candidate for rebalance, but no details will be shared
- Storm states that the reason for Tiger rebalance was that Tiger was terribly overbuffed when it comes to maneuverability – this was fixed. With the other balance changes, it recieved a solid buff all in all. The same goes for King Tiger – it was overbuffed agility-wise. The decision to reduce their maneuverability was intentional.
- Storm on King Tiger armor changes: “The turret front remained the same. The mantlet became 20mm thinner on some places, commander’s copula was buffed from 80 to 150mm, the hatch in the rear part of the turret became 10mm thicker. The bow machinegun stopped being a weakspot (earlier 120mm, now 150mm)”
- load capacity of tracks is a balance thing, not a historical value
- the model polygon increase will apparently come all at once
- which vehicles will be buffed/nerfed in 0.8.9 will be known only when the 0.8.9 test comes live
- Storm states that the programmers, creating the WoT code practically don’t visit WoT forums, they don’t reply to player questions either
- Storm confirms that the game code is being continuously rewritter for better optimization
- the 8.8 German rebalance is not tied to Historical battles, it is tied to the general attempt to increase the game’s historicity
- the 8.8 armor simplification of some vehicles was made in order to make the game simplier for players, not as a software optimization. It was decided to do it in order to reduce the amount of confusing penetration/non-penetration situations
- no other suitable Taiwanese vehicles were found other than the premium LT

Skin Type 62

Remodeling Type 62