Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Subscriber Replay #28 - T110E5 & Tiger P

Epic Win TD's

Replay Roundup 5 - Punching Above Their Weight

New 8.8 Features - Misc Changes

Remodeling Cromwell

Remodeling T-34-85

Octagon Battle Interface

Battle Interface

Minimalistic Damage Panel

Green Damage Panel

Transparent Damage Panel

New Map Rivertown


- looks like the US premium TD will possibly be only low-tier. To quote The_Chieftain: “The 122-44 is at a higher tier, where there are few US options. I would not expect a high-tier US premium TD.”
- the ST-I hull rear armor has a bug, where the collision model doesn’t correspond to the visual one (there’s more slope than there should be), it will be fixed
- Storm on removing the machinegun weakspot on the Tiger II armor model: “According to the words of Hilary Doyle, German machinegun gun shields provided roughly the same level of protection as the main armor. So that’s how we’re going to slowly do it” (SS: in such a case, we can expect the removal of the other German tanks’ bow MG weakspots)
- the way the 6 perks/skills display (5x + 6th perk/skill) on WoT crews won’t be changed, because “there’s not enough room”

German Tier 9 TD - Waffentr├Ąger auf Panzer IV

Tier 5 German TD – Sfl.IVc

Crew: 8 (ingame 6)
Weight: 26 tons
Engine: Maybach HL90 (unknown hp, in game it has 360hp. which would give it 13,8hp/t)
Maximum speed: 35km/h
Gun: 88mm FlaK 37/Flak 41 (expect less power than the L/56 and L/71 due to obsolete/AA ammunition)
Traverse: In real life, it had 360 degrees traverse, but in the ingame configuration it will be limited.
Elevation: -3/+85
Hull: 50/20/20mm
Superstructure: 50/10/10mm

Skin SU-122A

Skin Pz II