Thursday, September 5, 2013

Epic Win MT's

Waffentrager E-100

Waffenträger auf Pz. IV

RhB Waffentrager

Pz.Sfl. V


Pz.Sfl. IVc

Marder 38T

Kirill Oreshkin Sniper And Arty Scope

Remodeling Type 62 To БТР-80А

Skin T26E4 SuperPerhing

Skin KV-5

Skin FV4202

Remodeling T110E4

Skin Conqueror


- apparently, the EU TD competition results are coming out today
- it has not been decided yet, how will the players get the T7 Combat Car and Mk.VIc LT, leaked from supertest
- apparently, the leakers will not be punished, because “they do a good job, bringing the light of knowledge to the people” (SS: of course, EU supertesters doing the same thing had to be sacked)
- there will be no separate Italian tree, Italians might appear in the EU tree (SS: “might” here means “they will”, no worries)
- when a model error is discovered, it’s not possible to make a hotfix quickly/cheaply
- developers decided to simplify some of the “unneeded” things in WoT and started with removing the bow machinegun weakspots.
- according to Storm, WoT models are needlessly complex, it’s more difficult to test and make them that way, they take more computer power to calculate and they produce more unexpected hit results (SS: “This shot didn’t penetrate even when it should have”).
- Tiger P turret weakspots will also get fixed
- it is already decided, how many shells in the autoloader will WT E-100 have
- Erlenberg map doesn’t have too many draws on it
- prolonged US scout line (Chaffee) and RU251 will not come in 2013 (it will in 2014)
- SerB on multiple conflicting historical sources on some vehicles: “When there are multiple sources, we can pick the one that seems more correct to us”
- SerB states that the armor of Object 140 is better than T-62A’s, turrets are practically identical
- Soviet breakthrough tanks (T-35, SMK, T-100) might appear in WoT
- it’s possible the effect of track “sliding” will be implemented (SS: as in – a situation where for example a tank is climbing a hill, but the surface is “slippery” (muddy) and the tank is trying to “get a grip”, so the tracks are moving faster than the tank is actually going, throwing mud around)
- there will be some tank rebalancing in 8.9
- it’s too soon to say which tanks will be buffed in 8.9
- during the upcoming big graphic improvement (SS: more polygons for models etc.) the things that should be round will be round (for example rollers, wheels, barrels etc, that are now “square-y”)
- the vehicles that are going to be nerfed in 8.9 have been already decided (SS: mainly Foch, Foch 155, T57 Heavy)
- Waffenträger Tiger has been abandoned because it’s unhistorical (devs didn’t find any historical sources)
- multi-turret mechanism has low priority, it will come in 2014
- it’s possible Soviet tree will get another tier 10 heavy or a heavy premium tank (SS: unclear question and answer)
- (SS: if I understand correctly, and according to Edrard’s explanation): it’s possible SU-85i and Panzer IV Hydro will be obtainable as mission rewards
- global remodelling will come next year

- Storm states that first 4 vehicles existed and fought, some of them a lot
- autoloaders won’t be animated for now, but this will be implemented eventually (SS: Storm mentions HD version, that probably means the great graphical model rework in 2014)
- tier 9 and 10 TD will have a 6 man crew, tier 8 4man, tier 7 5man, tier 6 5man too, tier 5 6man too, tier 4 4man crew
- for now, the tier 8,9 and 10 vehicles do have 360 degree turrets, but this might yet be limited during the tests
- Q: “Why such a weird transfer from Panzer IV chassis to E-100?” A: “I don’t know, I didn’t make the branch.”
- the tank characteristics in game are not finished yet
And some other info from Storm and SerB:

- for now, nothing new on the autoloading KV tank
- no decision has been made yet on the fate of Jagdtiger 88 rebalance
- WT E-100 will not have the 150mm L/68 gun
- no more info on historical battles yet
- during the graphic re-work, old graphics will still work
- rate of fire is a balance parameter (SS: not necesserily has to be historical)
- the Ersatz Panther top speed (46km/h) is historical: regular ingame Panther is based on Ausf.D, M10 Panther was based on Ausf.G, which had a rev limiter installed, reducing its speed to 46km/h (but improving engine durability)
- the German 2nd TD tier 9 gun shield works as a regular armor, not as spaced armor: if you hit it, it will reduce the tank HP

French Skin Pack