Friday, September 6, 2013

Togging it Up!

Replay Comp #2 - Heavy Honourabl

Remodeling E-50 Ausf.M (Cosmetic Changes)

Skin E-75 Anime

Remodeling M4 Sherman

Skin Pz V Panther

Remodeling ELC AMX Team Fortress 2

Remodeling Pz I Ausf C Team Fortress 2


-8.8 will come live on 10.9.2013 in Russia and 11.9.2013 in EU (NA possibly shares the EU term).
- SerB states that there were very few subcaliber and HEAT shells in WW2, two thirds of a tank ammo load were HE shells
- T28 and T28 Proto have different types of suspension-improving equipment, because they didn’t share the same platform
- Storm on historical penetration of guns: “It’s historical wherever it was possible”
- for now, tier 5 Flak 41 88mm L/74 will has the same penetration as the PaK 43 L/71, but “tests will show” whether it will stay that way (SS: most likely won’t, historically the Flak had lower penetration)
- Sturer Emil will not be called Sturer Emil in game, because it was just an unofficial name
- high tiers (Sturer Emil, Waffentr├Ąger) will have only like 20mm armor (against bullets)
- historically, the “classic” Waffentr├Ągers (SS: like the Ardelt and Steyr people keep linking) were not projected for long 105mm, but only for 88mm and 105mm howitzer, that’s why they aren’t on high tiers, they’d fit like tier 7