Sunday, September 8, 2013

Where Is WoT ???

Tanking Like A Boss

New Russian Tanks - 8.8 Preview

T49 getting Pool's Medal

Skin Type T-34 Anime

Skin Pz III/IV Anime

Skin E-25

Skin StuG III Anime

Remodeling M4A3E8 Sherman

Anime Crew Icons


- KV-1S will not be nerfed, it will be split into KV-85 and KV-122 (SS: with KV-122 being probably tier 7, but this is not confirmed)
- in 8.9, some tier 4-7 arties (that were overnerfed before) will be buffed
- top tier arties will not be buffed, their stats are fine
- second CW campaign will start at the end of October, it will use tier 4-6-8-10 tanks (based on current company rules)
- WoWp: climatic zone (as in, winter vs summer maps) has no influence on airplane performance
- Q: “Why are so little credits and XP awarded for capping?” A: “Greed is bad”
- T23 will return “in an unexpected way”
- MM for tiers 6 and 8 works fine according to SerB
- Q: “Platoons have worse MM?” A:”Conspiracy!”
- multi-gun mechanism will come a bit sooner than the multiturret mechanism
- Severogorsk is doing fine in hightier battles
- the new features for premium account owners have not been scrapped, but they won’t be announced for now it seems
- SerB states that big caliber guns with muzzle brakes demask a shooting tank a lot (SS: much more than small calibers and guns without muzzle brakes)
- A player describes two approaches for creating WoT tanks and asks, which one is correct: either first SerB selects a tier and tasks the artists/historians to draw/find something for it, or first Storm has a vehicle drawn and looks for a tier to put it into. SerB confirms both approaches happen.

Skin E-25

Pin Up Style Crew Icons (Germany)

Mortal Combat Crew Icons (USSR)