Wednesday, September 11, 2013


- Storm confirms: KwK = tank gun, PaK = anti-tank gun (SS: a lot of people are confused by this designation. While in real life there were often some changes on both guns (for example re-worked breech to fit it on some platform), essentially both versions are roughly equal. In other words: designating a gun PaK and not KwK in the game doesn’t grant it any special properties)
- it’s highly possible that the rating formula will be reworked, based on feedback
- T-34-3 ingame performance evaluation will take “no less than a month” – a couple of weeks for players to get used to it and a couple of weeks to collect the data (SS: after that it is possible it will be buffed/nerfed)
- the personal rating now takes into account only average damage per battle regardless of tier (SS: this is not to promote sealclubbing)

- when making the new rating, devs didn’t just copy “efficiency rating” or other mod-based ratings, because “it’s bad for many people”
- Q: “Do you believe that a noob with 20k battles should have better rating than a unicum with 5k?” A:”We don’t. If you have questions about beliefs, go to a church.”
- LT average lifespan in battle won’t be taken into rating account
- Storm states that exact changes in armor of some tanks will officially not be disclosed
- Q: “New reworked maps in 8.8 are really nice to play, will other maps be reworked too, based on the same principles that were used in making of these?” A: “It’s possible”
- Storm confirms that the auto-ban mechanism (SS: see earlier post about the “bug”) was reworked, it was not in the patchnotes because Storm forgot to add it there
- according to Storm, the best skill indicators for a players are winrate and average XP per battle.
- Q: “How about making the XP multiplier for top 3 places in battle result permanent?” A: “There is a separate thread for suggestions. Go whine there.”
- there seems to be a bug with the chat where either text disappears or is wrongly formatted, Storm will investigate
- the 8 degrees nominal depression for E-50M 105mm gun Ausf.K applies only when the gun is aiming to the sides of the vehicle, not front
- according to Storm, MM is working fine now
- it is still being discussed whether there will be some high tier “connections” (SS: how is it called in WoT?) from existing German branches to the new TD branch
- there will be no special coefficient for arty in the new player rating
- Storm confirms that in the future, changed golden shells will be bought back only for credits for their purchase price (SS: in other words: do NOT hoard golden shells and if you do, don’t buy them for gold)

Sniper Scope 8.8

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