Thursday, September 12, 2013

Damage Panel By KobKag, Gambier

8.8 MM Table

Color Messages And Session Stats 0.8.8

Color messages:

Improved Session Statistics:

Skin E-50

Remodeling ELC AMX

Remodeling ELC AMX

Contour Tank Icons 8.8

J1mB0′s Contour Icon Mod 8.8

Skins SU-122-54

Radial Menu (8.8) v.2.5.7 + UT Announcer Pack

Normal menu points without targeting anything:

Targeted friendly tank:


YasenKrasen Coloured Messages 8.8

Version 1 English 0.8.8 (No stats)

Version 2 English 0.8.8 (No stats)

Version 3 English 0.8.8 (No stats)

Vanilla English 0.8.8 (No stats)

J1mB0′s Crosshair Mod 8.8

Hitlog And Damage Panel By Dellux

Damage Indicator 8.8

Hangar Clock 8.8

Tank Souls 8.8

In Game Clock 8.8