Friday, September 13, 2013

Skin Durchbruchswagen 2


- according to The_Chieftain, both M36B1 (M4A3 hull with M36 turret) and T53 (not sure what that is) are viable candidates for tier 6 US premium tank destroyer
- Q: “It is now possible to view the amount of tanks I have in garage in the new stats for my account, why is it not possible for other accounts?” A: “For the same reason we your account status is not shown to everyone you meet” (SS: as in, some privacy protection)
- “vehicles that won’t make a full branch” (SS: the player asks specifically about Israeli tanks) will be “definitely implemented in some way”

- the crew voices will not be extended anytime soon (SS: as in, for example more actions commented by voices, such as “load armor piercing!” when selecting armor piercing rounds etc.)
- WG considers the amount of tanks in your garage to be confidential information (as well as other “account status” info, such as the amount of credits you have)
- Q: “Why don’t you return the MM to the 8.5 state where most of the battles were of the same tier vehicles (like a team full if tier 7 tanks)?” A: “There was never such a rule. But there was +/-3 tier spread before, should we return that?”
- SerB on banning trollplatoons: “What about them? Do you have such a weak nervous system that you can’t eat until you kill a trollplatoon? It wont help – there will always be something making you angry. Work on yourself.”
- Q: “Why wasn’t the teamdamage system change described in the patchnotes?” A: “Description is simple – to teamkill is bad. Nothing changed in that regard.”
- TOG II is doing fine according to SerB
- SerB on some guns doing as much damage as they do: “Once you find a historical amount of damage the guns did in hitpoints, we will review it immediately” (SS: gun damage is a balance parameter)
- regarding the national voiceovers: it won’t be possible to select the voiceover pack manually (so that all tanks speak German for example)
- Q: “On what formula does the Courageous resistance work?” A: “IF(BattleLoosed AND (GotEpicAvard OR GotBattleHero))”
- some objects act like view range obstacles (houses), some don’t (a heap of hay) (SS: generally the easily destroyable don’t)
- On Westfield map there was a bush removed on F0, but there was nothing in patchnotes? “How terrible…”
- Mountain Pass (F6 quadrant) is missing one path that could be climbed? “How terrible…”
- El Halluf – a hill was reworked at G6? “How terrible…”
- Q: “0.8.9 – new German TD branch?” A: “Really?!” (SS: yes, SerB’s just trolling)
- Q: “What prevents you from adding some interface mod features into the game for more comfort?” A: “The fact that we don’t consider overstuffed interface comfortable”
- there was “no promise” to make the ingame chat possible to disable. SerB: “It’s a team game”
- French arty won’t recieve a shell velocity buff
- regarding possible rebalance: the amount of certain vehicle in battles is a secondary indicator
- it’s possible that (in clanwars) to use “air strike” won’t require the pilots (WoWp players) to be a part of the same clan, but will be performed by freelancers
- enough British heavies or meds for second branch? “Doubtful”
- apparently, the Encounter on the Mines map won’t be reworked, as the devs checked the winrate of both sides and the difference is less than 5 percent (the reason for the 5 percent is that stats have shown that the winrate usually changes constantly within those 5 percent differences, so the difference below those 5 percent won’t be taken into account)
- Lowe won’t be changed in the future, its stats are fine
- in 0.8.9, midtier arty will be buffed (SS: hightier won’t be)
- the reason for the possibility to disable the whole interface is making WoT movies

Compressed Textures 8.8 (New Author)

Update on the old post. This version is for 8.8. Enjoy.

IMPORTANT: This is not the usual AHuMex compressor. AHuMex stopped making his compressor from patch 8.8. This is from a new author, so far works absolutely the same.  

A lot of people have the same problem - old computer or fable laptop. So, can WoT work on something that is not top notch PC machine? The answer is YES. This little program will compress your game textures to 25% or to 3%. At 25% you will get at least 50% higher frame rate, at 5% at least 70%. At 25% compression the game looks the same, at 3% it looks bad but you can play WoT even on a netbook with Atom processor.

Compression on 25%:

Compression on 3%:

Unzip and copy to "World_of_Tanks\res\packages\" double click on .exe file. Command Prompt window will open and the compression will start. This will take about 5-15 minutes. After the Command Prompt window closes by itself restart the computer and play...

Since update 8.6 alot of people had problems with game crashing after compresssion. One of the most common reasons was unupdated DirectX.

XVM Updater 2.5 For 8.8


- SerB states that the whole E-series was based on the Tiger II design, therefore the E-50 lower frontal plate was nerfed accordingly to 100mm
- in order for the Leopard 1 to have the modern turret with spaced armor of later versions, SerB states that it would also have to have the T-72 as its opponent, and that won’t happen.
- SerB on potential Israeli branch: “They don’t have enough vehicles for a full branch”
- if you see garage interface issues, such as incorrect XP calculations etc., it can be a result of mods installed (such as Jove’s modpack)
- SerB on new rating: “Real men use only two things to measure player quality (and one of them is winrate)” and “I don’t know (why we made the rating) but I don’t care”

- Q: “Will the rating be modified in the future?” A:”Probably. I don’t care.”
- wounded crewman equals to damaged engine in effect, because when he’s wounded, he can’t use the engine power fully
- Q: “Will there be another possibility to add gold to the clan treasure other than CW fighting.” A: “No. Fight.”
- if the game lags for you for a few seconds (FPS drops), SerB suggests you clean the graphic card ventilator, or write a support ticket
- SerB states that there were no other candidates for 2nd German TD branch tier 9 (like the Panther- and Tiger-based ones) (SS: what a load of bullshit)
- SerB states that Jabber-based chat in WoT is considered, but not guranteed because of fear of spam
- SerB states that the Sturmgeschütz Maus (SS: known as JagdMaus) was a real project in state of technical task (set of demands)
- SerB confirms that when the unlockable hull modules appear in WoT, there will be many changes in the tech trees (SS: as in, some tanks will disappear, becoming effectively an optional hull for another tank), SerB will tell “when the time is right”
- there are plans for various other Waffenträger German TD’s, SerB will also tell when the time is right
- there are other possible vehicles to fit the assault gun branch of German TD’s, other than StuH, StuIG, Sturmpanther and Sturmtiger (SS: other considered are sIG33B, turret-less version of Sturmpanther, Sturmpanzer Ferdinand and Bär, oh yea and the 150mm Panther Sfl I think, not sure I forgot something)
- apparently (and possibly newly in 8.8), there is a new feature. If two tanks fire at each other and (theoretically) destroy each other with one shot, only one will die, the one, who (according to the server) fired faster. In other words, when a tank dies, its fired shell apparently disappears
- Q: “SerB, don’t you think you consider yourself God in WG?” A: “No, that would be Storm. I am the Satan.”
- SerB states that the best source for E-series are the Panzer Tracts (S: yes, 20-1 to be specific)
- the real life Waffenträgers weren’t implemented into the 2nd German branch,because they’d only double for the tiers WG already had vehicles for (SS: 6-7)
- Q: “SerB, do you have dreams about tanks or about warplanes?” A: “By the end of third business trip week, usually about my wife”
- there will be no minipatch fixing the broken word filter in the game, it will be fixed in 8.9
- Storm on this patch being too bugged: “I am reading this (SS: the fact the patch is too bugged) for three years already. There have been a lot worse.”

"Красная звезда" - Red Star Hit Zones 8.8

Contour Hit Zones 8.8

Black And White Hit Zones 8.8