Saturday, September 14, 2013

Wide Border On Maps 8.8 (for people with color blindness)

Modified Battle Score Bar

Berlin - Victory Day Garage 8.8 By buenonacho94

100k Subscriber Replay Contest - Tier 9-10 WINNERS...


- Storm on fixing longer waiting times on RU server: “It is now needed to trace (SS: as in ‘pin down’) existing problems so they can be fixed later”
- Q: “Why are Japanese tankers now so blonde and have names like Emil and Dietrich?” A: “Those are allied kids on an exchange trip” (SS: currently, Japanese crew in Chi Nu Kai – upcoming 8.9 premium Japanese tank – consists temporarily of German crewmen”
- when you lose, if you recieved certain awards, you will get the same XP/credit bonus as if you won (“curagous resistance”). Storm stated that other variants (SS: the asking player for example mentioned for damage done) are worse for various reasons (and when nagged further about this, he only replies: “envy is bad”)

- furthermore for the question above, another player suggested that another solution would be to simply reward top players of the losing team, that gained most XP. Storm replied that this would also apply to cases when a team lost 15-0 and noone in the team showed real curageous resistance, it would be stupid to reward such losses.
- regarding the question above yet again, when asked why not simply put a minimal XP threshold for such an award, Storm replied: “For each tier the XP values are different. Should every tier have its own threshold? That would be quite complicated regarding the reward system. And if you manage to get exactly 1 XP less than the threshold – wouldn’t you feel sorry?” In other words, the medals were chosen as the criteria that are simpliest to understand. You get a medal – you get a reward.
- it’s possible that the Sniper medal (regarding the abovementioned reward) will be reconsidered, because it’s easy to get and causes the most issues, especially for rapid fire guns.
- it’s not possible to hear enemy tank until it is discovered (lit up by a scout)
- the bug with the word filter being permanently enabled will be fixed (SS: 8.9)
- Storm confirms that the Type 62 model was changed in 8.8 and that its gold shells were nerfed and automatically sold for full price

Hangar Forest Road By Niurko {G-F-T}

No Intro Video Mod 8.8