Sunday, September 15, 2013

T-54 Kolobanov And Pool's


- SerB would like to add destructable/deformable ground to WoT, but so far it is beyond technical possibilities
- SerB on Golden Joystick and the wave of negative feedback on it: “Personally, to be honest, I don’t care about it”
- VK3002M having too few hitpoints? “How terrible…”

Skin T-34-3

Skin Pz VI Tiger I

Color Messages And Session Stats 8.8 By Locastan

Color messages:

Improved Session Statistics: 

Sauron - 6th Sense with Sound 8.8

Spotted! v1.2 (Sixth Sense Mod with Icon & Sound)

Two Rowed Carousel Mod 8.8 by Locastan

*** For some unknown there is a bug (reported by 3 clan members) with the carousel. The tank icons flash every time when you select a tank.