Wednesday, September 18, 2013

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New IS-3 And Panzer V/IV Model

Straight from Storm: IS-3 is going to have its model reworked. It will now have correctly shaped pike nose and the turret will be of proper size.

As announced earlier, Panzer V/IV will also get reworked model:


- switching WoT to different engine is not planned
- currently RU servers are suffering from significantly increased waiting times, it is being investigated (SS: never noticed such a thing on EU)
- regarding the RU251, WG is waiting for exact measures and photos
- some player suggested that to reduce teamkilling, the game could have a mechanism, that would block the shots once an ally is in your sights. This won’t however be implemented, because it would lead to strange situations (SS: I can imagine trolls abusing this)

- the exact criteria for a player to turn blue during teamkilling won’t be disclosed
- Q: “When the tank gets detracked and starts burning, why doesn’t the fire message sound first? It’s more important than lost tracks” A: “Because the order of damage is usually different: first the engine and fuel tanks get damaged and the fire starts only after that. And we won’t delay all the messages in order to implement “is there fire?” checks.”
- Q: “How much longer will the testing of clan name change take?” A: “As long as necessery”
- according to SerB, most players play on tiers 5-6. SerB also states the situation is just fine for WG, there is no need to spread players evenly across all tiers
- British LL branch (with Firefly and Sentinel) will most likely lead into current British top tanks (SS: as in, no new LL top tanks)
- according to SerB, Browning M2 .50cal HMG is too weak for regular vehicles
- unlockable hulls and remodelling of tanks will happen step by step, not all at once.
- during the public testing only tanks that are normally available via ingame shop will continue to be possible to test, SerB states the public test server’s main idea is not to allow players to test premium tanks, that is just one of the less important possibilities
- Q: “Which tank has the most polygons on it?” A: “Some American arty IIRC”
- the model that was most troublesome to make was the Object 704 – WG had to go to Kubinka to re-measure it
- SerB states that the idea to implement XVM/noobmeter-like function into the game has been around since beta, but for now it won’t be done
- Q: “Is it possible to disclose what is Chris Taylor’s studio working on?” A: “Very nice games”
- switching off various chat channels in game (SS: like switch of general chat but leave platoon chat) won’t be implemented (SS: funny, World of Warcraft had that like 6 years ago)
- SerB states that the FV4202 will not be changed (SS: in real life it had much inferior armor than it has in game), the only change planned is to introduce its historical gun as stock gun (SS: 20pdr Type B)
- World of Tanks will bring more advanced shaders (SS: 3.0) in the future (SerB: “Start thinking about upgrades”)
- the ground in the Lakesville western corridor counts as “difficult terrain”, that’s why the tanks are so sluggish there
- the list of vehicle changes in 0.8.9 is ready
- the alternative Soviet tier 9 med (Object 430 prototype) won’t come in 8.9, there isn’t any new info about it to share
- it seems that the unlocking of new hulls will be tied to the suspension (SS: there won’t be another new “hull module”, new hull will be tied to suspension – this is a pretty retarded idea, I’ll write a post about it)
- the armor on the model has no real thickness, it is simply a line with an armor value assigned for it – SS: this is important, check this out:
In game, the red arrow situation can never happen, as the armor is simply a line. In other words, if the shell penetrated the armor on the same spot as on the picture, it would simply count as penetrating the nominal frontal armor thickness. Same goes for welds, but some welds have artificially thicker armor zones
- apparently, gun getting “stuck” when for example leaving cover behind a huge stone on Tundra map won’t be fixed
- Löwe won’t be changed/made into a regular vehicle and added into a German heavy line despite the fact it would fit perfectly (SS: sorry, no Krupp line), because “it’s a popular premium vehicle”. SerB later states that such a thing did sort of happen with the Type 59 – WZ-120, but that was a special case, because the Chinese didn’t have enough tanks
- SerB confirms that the graphics requirements of WoT will increase (“it won’t be possible to play on grandma’s calculator”), but he states they will try to save whatever old settings they can
- putting a crew into your tank by one click (just like it is removable by one click now) will be implemented (SS: if you think it exists already, it doesn’t – some mods do that unofficially tho)
- the bug where the aiming reticle settings are not saved in replay will be fixed (when it’s done it’s done)
- regarding the Type 62 returning to its original width: it was the modeller who made a mistake, it didn’t come to be via improper measuring
- SerB states that the fact World of Tanks is Xbox exclusive has nothing to do with the fact War Thunder and one more Russian tank game will come for Playstation, as the negotiations with Microsoft began two years ago already. SerB also states that for now the game will require the Microsoft Gold Live service account and adds that until Microsoft finds out by themselves that paid accounts are not the way, this won’t likely change
- Q: “SerB, since there are more and more competing games for WoT, do you agree that more competition creates more quality?” A: “Considering the fact there are like 100 types of soya sausages and 20 types of rubber bread, I somehow doubt that. Let them come, we’ll see.”
- there will be no roaming to Chinese server, the criteria for roaming have not yet been decided
- SerB likes M40/43
- there will be no additional differences between Object 140 and T-62A added, as the vehicles were much alike in real life too
- the fact that after 8.8 some maps became darker is according to SerB “a normal lighting effect”
- regarding the graphic implementation of equipment, camo net was considered ages ago already, but it is difficult to implement technically. Spall liner will have no graphic effect (it’s inside the vehicle)
- a Russian player was recently visiting Kubinka and noticed that the M46 Patton has no driver periscopes:

SerB answered that this is because the driver actually used disposable (if hit) plastic periscope in combat conditions.
And some answers from Storm (under the model change post I linked earlier today):
- the track links on the new IS-3 model nose actually do correspond to the real track width, despite the fact it doesn’t look that way
- apparently the Panzer V/IV will recieve further rebalance than just the model, if I understand it correctly, it will recieve a depression buff
- IS-3 and Panzer V/IV both will recieve collision model changes, but not by much: V/IV will recieve changes – the hull will belong to Panther D, the turret to Panzer IV Ausf.H (SS: as in – hull will belong to the current ingame Panther, turret will be the same as current ingame top Panzer IV turret)
- IS-3 turrets will recieve changes, especially the top one
- KV-220 won’t recieve buff (SS: very useful for EU players)
- the developers actually apparently considered at some point making the turret (welded to the hull in real life) V/IV immovable in game, but they decided to make it rotating because otherwise it would be impossible to balance
- T34 and Lowe will not be buffed
- IS-4 frontal armor will not be corrected to its historical 61 degrees

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- according to SerB, the fact that in 0.8.8 one team gets a tier 10 heavy while the other gets tier 10 arty is normal, as “tanks are not balanced against one another”
- SerB likes the WT E-100 model
- 122mm top gun for WZ-120 too XP expensive? “Don’t play WZ-120″
- (regarding previous question) Q: “Jokes aside, 200 thousand XP for a gun is 2,5 times more than on other tanks” A: “Too bad”
- it’s possible lendlease Soviet Lee and Sherman will come in forseeable future

- T-35 will not come this year or the next apparently (SS: odd)
- T-44-122 will not be available for regular players, it is a supertester gift
- premium tanks as mission rewards? “No idea, but hardly.”
- Panzer IV Hydro and SU-85i for random players? “When it’s done it’s done”
- it’s possible that in some future premium derp tanks with howitzers will be added, but no plans for that now
- there were historically fast (agile) French tanks for tiers 1-4
- FCM 36 might appear on tier 2, SerB will check it out
- tier 8 French medium premium tank? “We’ll see later”
- Wargaming (via Tactical Press) will possibly make books on planes too, not just tanks (SS: in Russian only. I wish there was stuff in English too)
- SerB states that the rear turret VK4502 is pleasant to play, despite players whining that it’s dull. He also states that DW2 is doing normally
- theoretically the physics WoT engine allows for practically unlimited speed (SS: earlier, the tank speed was limited by 72 km/h by the engine)
- in the near/medium future: further physics development, new clanwars, historical battles
- Swamp and Komarin maps are bad? “Your opinion is, as always… (SS: very important to us)” (SS: Komarin is great! :) )
- Object 261 acting like TD too overpowered? “Don’t drive in front of Object 261″ (no plans to change it)
- Type 59 and limited MM – according to Storm it fits how it is now
- old Service record window won’t return
- there will be no general nerf for TD’s (like there was for arty), nor will there be a TD hardcap in battles, Storm states that “it’s simply not needed”
- there will be a rework of hangar and magazine interface
- Q: “Why did you nerf Chinese and US HEAT shells?” A: “Don’t shoot Chinese and US HEAT shells”
- ZIS-4 gun on T-34 had its ROF nerfed? “Don’t play T-34 with ZIS-4″
- it’s completely possible that some nations won’t have hightier light tanks and some will, for example the British have nothing suitable for hightier scouts, but SerB states that they didn’t dig around Bovington for that yet
- apparently the KV-3 stock and middle engines won’t be reworked (Storm states that the V-5 is experimental, V-2IS was a serial engine)
- the reasons some medals were removed from individual tank statistics (Kay, Carius medals) were “technical reasons”
- Mountain Pass access to the mountains (where players used to camp) was removed “to change the gameplay”
- the tier 9 Waffentrager on Panzer IV chassis was chosen because “nothing else was found”, it will have hitpoints analogical to other tier 9 TD’s
- it’s possible various maps will have spring/summer/fall/winter settings, more variants of lighting and sky textures – this was considered, it might come but not anytime soon
- damaging the suspension does not reduce terrain passability
- Chaffee will be reworked in time
- it’s possible Tetrarch will be sold, but “not necesserily as a premium tank” (SS: Tetrarch was planned a long time ago to be a British regular light tank)
- the new tier 6 prototype Panther and Tiger rebalance have nothing to do with upcoming historical battles, this was done independently
- for now, server won’t be selectable directly from hangar
- it’s possible that it will be possible to switch servers without having to disband a platoon or company
- stone fences apparently do block view range, low TD’s can hide behind them
- servers are named by numbers (RU1,2 etc…) because numbers are easier to remember than abstract names (they won’t be renamed after cities where they are hosted)
- it’s possible that if new interesting vehicles are found for tiers that are already occupied by other vehicles, they will be added as an alternative possibility to go thru (like the Ferdinand/JP2)
- it’s possible that if some nations won’t have enough vehicles for an entire 2nd/3rd branch, these vehicles will be implemented as an incomplete minibranch, that will end in the original branch (the way China has it for example)
- HEAT and APCR shells do the same damage as AP shells “for game reasons”
- A-44 engine gets critted too often even with cyclone filter? “Don’t play A-44″
- there will be further improvements made to the teamdamage punishment system
- VK4502A depression will be changed “if needed”
- Q: “Developers, did you think about improving the minimap?” A: “No, we don’t have no brains at all, we don’t think about anything”
- it’s possible the absolute numbers will return to the winrate statistics (like it was in 8.7)
- when you shoot a blue (teamkiller) teammember, that damage doesn’t count towards your damage done reward
- SerB on whiners: “I don’t give a damn about some individual hysterical players, beggars and idiots. Do not confuse those with regular players – unfortunately, small parts of those groups do intersect with one another”
- Q: “SerB, do you answer questions while suffering from hangovers?” A: “No, since I don’t suffer from hangovers. But the topic is, as I understand, close to you? :)”
- SerB on mods and cooperation with modders: “We and the modders generally differ in opinions – we don’t consider many of the mod functions to be necessery. Even further, we don’t want the interface to look like an Excel table. I for example do not use any mods. Accordingly, for those for whom the standard interface is not enough and have the need to have an “excel-like” interface we are going to introduce official mod support (including their certification)”
- there are Chinese arties available, the only tiers not decided yet are 9 and 10, they don’t have any specificity compared to current arties
- average battle time has increased since the arty nerf, but not significantly
- WG will not disclose, how will they fight rigged company battles
- more variety in destroyed tank models is planned, but that doesn’t mean they will have holes in it where they were hit, that would be technically difficult to do
- the unlockable hull modules are not tied to historical battles
- WG is preparing improved WoT graphics, won’t be announced for now
- Munster doesn’t want to release RU251 info, so it’s not ready yet
- Soviet tank A-41 (improved T-34 program prototype) will possibly make it into the game as an optional hull for A-43
- unlockable hulls will most likely come next year, as the amount of modelling needed for that is huge