Thursday, September 19, 2013

Colored Damage Stickers 8.8

Red - penetration, yellow - ricochet or bounce. 

TAIPAN Sniper Scope By Dikey93

Animated Sniper Scope 8.8


- limited MM for M6A2E1? “Don’t play M6A2E1″ (SS: no, it won’t get limited MM)
- in one of the WG streams, Viktor Kisly stated that when the suspension gets yellow, the tank agility (dynamic) is reduced. SerB states that this is not true and that V.Kisly simply didn’t know the mechanics in details, as he is the director of the entire company, while SerB leads the game mechanics development

- SerB states that E-100 shells can ricochet from Batchat, despite the fact the 3-caliber (SS: caliber of gun 3 times bigger than the nominal armor means no ricochets) rule is still valid
- Q: “Why does a tank with a gun similiar to Tetrarch appear on tier 4?” A: “Because of complex of characteristics, that is not reduced to penetration only”
- Object 140 will stay on its place (as being unlockable from T-54), as its direct predecessor was the Object 139, which is one of the ingame T-54 configurations
- SerB states that several hundred thousand people actually read forums, so that’s like 1 percent of all players
- the WoWp release will not happen on 26th of September apparently, as there are issues with the integration of WoWp and WoT accounts
- gunpowder quality (SS: for example the fact the Germans had gunpowder generating less smoke) will not be taken into account (SerB stated that he hasn’t found any real proof that German gunpowder generated less smoke, he states that it’s possible that American authors write that because American gunpowder created too much smoke and not vice versa)
- Q: “When will the developers start answering the player questions live via chat?” A: “When you double the amount of hours a day has”
- SerB states that because the STB1 has some sort of loading assistant, it’s completely possible its 105mm rate of fire will actually be better than the ROF of other tier 10 meds
- Japanese voicovers will most likely come with the Japanese patch
- SerB states that the final number of the nations in World of Tanks is 8 (SS: EU counts as one)
- no special medal for courageous resistance is apparently planned
- so far, WG has not found a way for clanless players to participate in clanwars, that wouldn’t become a source of exploits for clan players. If they do, they will let us know. Mercenaries are scrapped.
- the list of buffed tanks in 0.8.9 will come in 0.8.9 patchnotes
- if a premium tank has too low winrate, it’s possible it gets buffed, but only in certain boundaries
- RU251 this year? “When it’s done it’s done”
- there is a possibility of M41 Walker Bulldog appearing in the game (SS: it will almost certainly be a tier 6-7 American light tank)
- it’s not sure when the Japanese tanks come (either this or the beginning of next year)
- it’s possible that the Great Wall Chinese map will come for EU/RU/US servers too
Storm posted today a new blog entry, where he asks Russian players, what do they think of World of Tanks maps. A few points from the discussion:
- according to Storm, statistically the Mountain pass encounter is doing fine (a lot of people are complaining about it)
- Storm states that while the big maps are “in the future”, he is warning players from wanting such maps too much, as their gameplay is “very specific”, this is one of the reasons, why their development is not pushed that hard

- Storm states that the city maps have the size they have because if made bigger, the game would turn into “hide and seek” on them.
- patch 9.0 will bring “lighting correction” (apparently the possibility to turn off for example the blue “tint” of the Port map), something like this will be possible for ALL the maps (players who will want more gloomy maps will be able to select darker filters, while those wanting brighter colors will be able to select that too)
- the physics will be tweaked so that stone fences don’t slow tanks as much as they do now. Currently, for physics the collision model of the hull is simply a box and when the edge of the box touches the obstacle, speed is strongly reduced. The box will get a “bottom part”, which will make passing obstacles easier.
- there will be one more Asian map: a Japanese one
- the option for players to disable one map of their choosing are still planned
- mist (smoke) was implemented to make maps prettier
- only roughly 50 percent of all users are using the improved graphics, the rest is running on the old render
- currently, WG is working on correct color and lighting display, there will be results for that in 9.0
And the answers under one older post:
- the IS-3 and Panzer V/IV model changes are not a part of the “global remodelling” planned for next year, they are simply bug fixes
- several vehicles for the global remodelling are already done
- there are plans for more tanks customization
- not only the quality of tank models will improve (SS: quality of objects too)
- apparently, Foch and T57 Heavy will not be nerfed in 8.9
- in 8.9, cca 15 tier 1-5 vehicles will be buffed
And Japanese tank answers from Cannoneer (tank developer):
- STB1 will have the L7A1 gun (SS: it will have lower penetration though, because of some of it specifics – 257 was it?)
- the STB1 mantlet will be 195mm, turret front 120mm, turret sides cca 110mm, the hull front will be 80mm under 65 degrees
- on STA1: “STA on tier 9? Originally we thought it has a depression of -15 and that the longer hull (7 roadwheels instead of 6) will allow to mount some bigger gun. But later we discovered that STA1 lost to STA2 in trials and further development continued from STA2. And yes, the depression was -7″
- on why STA1 is correctly on tier 8: “Historically yes, to put serial Type 61 before its prototype STA1 makes no sense”
- apparently the STA and Type 61 positions might be still switched (compared to the published tree)
- Japanese tier 8 top gun penetration will be around 210-220mm
Overlord on his blog:
- Overlord on network issues: “We are investigating network issues. They can be triggered by a lot of things, however there is a non-zero possibility that this is related to the update itself.” and “We are investigating this”
- tracking draws as defeats apparently is a tool to promote active gameplay

Load Wheel Mod

Damage Panel 8.8 By Dellux

Map Fjords - Ship Mod

Changes the ship on the map Fjords to a better looking model.

Skin Object 416

Skin Object 140

6th Sense Icons - The Eye Of Sauron

Epic Win TD's