Saturday, September 21, 2013

6th Sense Icons

Sniper Reticles 8.8


- if you want to know what inscriptions mean (especially the Chinese), just put your cursor over the inscription and wait, a translation will pop up
- the size of the Japanese crewman collision model will be the same as the size of other crewmen models (SS: this was apparently asked because the Japanese tankers were allegedly smaller than their European counterparts)
- regarding the increased WoT demands on computers with the upcoming implementation of 3.0 shaders: SerB will try to keep the possibility to play WoT on old computers, but he gives no guarantees (SS: this change is allegedly supposed to come in 9.0)
- T18 being transferred to tier 3 status? “I don’t know”

- SerB states (regarding possible Bishop buff) that elite Bishop is fine already
- 0.8.9 – German TD’s, 0.8.9 will NOT bring the Japanese branch (SS: “thanks” to fucked up official translation of EU portal news into Czech (that actually said “next patch”), this misinformation has spread around EU server, I recieved a bunch of confused mails about it)
- official MM weight won’t be disclosed
- Storm confirms that MM weight is a balance parameter too, sometimes its better to give some vehicles more MM weight than to nerf their parameters
- a player suggested following option to deal with the team MM weight difference: after the 30 players are selected for the battle, to (instead of leaving the original 10 percent MM weight difference tolerance) take these 30 players, calculate the team’s MM weight, halve it and then shuffle players between the teams to actually reach lowest MM weight difference possible by getting as close to the ideal half as possible. Storm stated it’s an interesting idea and he’ll discuss it.
- SerB, when asked if he can state how the mercenaries would be exploited by clanners: “I can’t. There is a huge number of variants and I don’t have time to write an article about it. The basic principle of the exploits is that either a clan increases its count by “hiring” twinked accounts as mercenaries, or the mercenaries are completely useless and the clans won’t hire them.”
- will the T-44-85 (upcoming T7 Soviet prem) be able to mount the stabilizer? “Tests will show”
- Q: “Are any of the current premium tanks candidates for the ‘fate of Type 59′?” (SS: removal from shop apparently) A:”If there are any, noone will tell you in advance” (SS: well, the 112 has like 54 percent winrate on RU server…)
- Storm states he already saw the sketches for new WoT city maps, based on historical cities