Sunday, September 22, 2013


- there will be no option to enable the old statistics window in settings
- new crew skills aren’t coming anytime soon
- devs considered increasing the amount of slots for equipment, but decided not to do it, because “the choice of what to put on a tank is also a part of the gameplay, the more you can mount on your tank, the lesser the role this part of gameplay has”
- Storm states that big game releases (such as BF3, Warcraft datadisk, GTA5) have almost no impact on WoT playerbase, there have been temporary short drops by several percent

- Storm confirms that the difference between the MM weight of both teams must be lower than 10 percent
- the fact you can see the destruction of objects by a tank that’s not seen yet by your team is intentional
- more convenient mechanism for searching players for companies and platoons is planned
- Storm states that the distance from bush to tank (specifically the 15 meters rule) is measured from the center of the bush to the center of the tank, but he’s not absolutely sure
- Storm (regarding the packet loss issue in 0.8.8) states there has not been any engine update in the patch, but it seems the 0.5.3 WoWp now has the same issue
- Q: “SerB, why do you think the game that is supposed to be relaxing provokes so many negative emotions in many players?” A:”I think that this is because ‘many players’ are immature, envious and they blame everyone but themselves for their failures”
- the tank with best camo factor in 0.8.8? “Won’t be disclosed”
- the possibility to “prolong” the time remaining on camos brought by credits (SS: for example you buy camo, then it’s 3 days left and you want to prolong it by buying another week) is not there, because in order to introduce it the devs would have to make the system more complicated, it won’t be done in the future
- consumables that increase crew XP gain? “Wait for announcements”

Sniper Scope With Armour Indicator

Auto-loader Ammo Indicator

WZ-132 Gameplay Review

Centurion I Tier 8 Medium Tank

Remodeling AT 2


- it’s not possible to transfer WoWp maps to WoT, as both are made differently (SS: the map in question is specifically the WoWp “Eastern border” map or something like that) – SerB states there will be cool-looking maps for WoT too, but other
- regarding the maps, SerB states that if they tried to convert a map from WoWp to WoT, the amount of work would be the same as if they did the map from scratch

- it’s too early to tell how much will the computer demands of WoT rise in connection with the introduction of improved graphics
- Gvozdika will not be implemented into WoT
- for now, the player map disabling for random battles will not be implemented
- Japanese Type 89 (I-Go) medium tank is kept for the heavy Japanese branch, but SerB states the branch has an issue with missing tanks on mid tiers (nothing was found yet)
- the WoWp suffers from mass packet loss issues too. It’s being fixed (SS: hopefully this is related to WoT also)
- there is no difference in dynamic (acceleration) in case a tank stops manually (key “S”) and in case a tank is stopped by spacebar (“move and shoot”), no difference will be added
- multicure support? SerB: “I said it many times, there already is such a thing” – later, Storm explains more:
“The game already uses multicore support, it uses two cores. According to the statistics we collected, roughly 70 percent of all players have a processor with one or two cores. Cores 3 and 4 will be used, when we introduce client physics. By the way, this doesn’t reduce the importance of the video card. For example when I switched Nvidia 550Ti for 660Ti at home, I had the possibility to play on higher settings with the same performance”
- Q: “Why did you remove the log from T-34-3? T-54 and Type 59 have it” A: “Lack of forest”
- the fact WT E-100 has gun in the back is tied to the weight distribution (SS: yes, this is realistic actually, also the main reason why the Krokodil is unrealistic)
- the fact there are a lot of tanks that are “skipped as fast as possible” (SS: I think this is meant) is not considered a problem by SerB
- STB-1 won’t have adjustable hydraulic suspension, its clearance will be “normal”
- it’s possible to shoot an enemy tank so that the shell passes thru one armor, flies inside, penetrates another armor and destroys an external module from the inside (tracks)
- the bugs from this video (namely the rotating on the spot and the shells passing thru targets) are being explored by WG
- there will be many small bug fixes of the Archievements table in 8.9
- for now it is not known what Nvidia videocard will work best with the improved graphics, WG is still testing options
- according to Storm, it’s “not necessery” to ban the noobmeter (XVM)
- Storm states that the information that with the introduction of missions there are more bots in the game is not true
- according to Storm, the attitude of many players towards asian maps is negative (SS: related to a request to introduce the Great Wall map on regular servers and not just on the Chinese one)
- old scrapped maps won’t be showcased
- the new map that will come in 8.9 “appears nice”, it will be an American map with mines (SS: as in, coal mines, not exploding mines)
- Q: “Will there be more changes in 9.0 than in 8.8?” A: “First we have to release the 8.9. You never know what happens in production – some features might be shifted to later patches”
- the devs considered the option to not allow teamkills/teamdamage altogether, but decided not to do it
- regarding players complaining about other players being too rude: “Those people live around you”
- after the Japanese tree, the EU tree will be implemented (SS: does NOT mean “immediately after”, but as a tree)
- EU tree is not being worked on yet
- it’s not yet decided how the EU crews will work
- the tree will consist of one-nation branches (no mixing)
- the stock vehicle could be for example Fiat 3000, or Strv m/21-29
- it’s possible that the WoWp solution that reduced the load on the processor (shifting it to graphic card) might be debugged and used for WoT too
- PC WoT won’t implement the gun barrel into the sniper mode like the Xbox version has
- there will be no auction in WG projects (SS: SerB sarcastically states he predicted the Diablo 3 auction fail in some early answers and that it came true – Blizzard will be closing the Diablo 3 auction next year apparently, as it breaks the game)
- SerB states that there were some “little things” taken from the player suggestion forum section, doesn’t remember which ones
- client physics will strongly increase the load on the computer, but it will be possible to switch it off
- historical background and real place photos will not be shown during historical battles map load
- crew models (SS: as in you being able to see your crewmen) will not be introduced into WoT, not even with the improved graphics
- the FPS drop on mobile graphic cards is being investigated
- tier 9 medium tank shells too expensive? “Don’t play tier 9 medium tanks”
- for now there are no plans to introduced HS30 mit 90mm Bordkanone

Veider Q&A

1. T57 Heavy and Foch155 will NOT be nerfed in the next patch (0.8.9) but they will be nerfed in patch 0.9.0.
2. KV-1S will not be nerfed in the nearest future, but devs are considering splitting it into two separate tanks (OP, probably KV-85 and KV-122).
2. A lot of tanks will be buffed in the next patch, but all of them are mid-tier. Don’t expect any T9-10 buffs.
2. Medium tier arty will get a slight buff.
3. VK 4502B may get a buff, but don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.
4. Tanks that will NOT get a buff: AMX 50B, AMX 13 75, T95, T43, Jagdtiger, JgTig 8.8 (regarding Tiger II chasis buff/nerf), KV-5, Maus.
5. Regarding IS-3 remodel, its armor won’t be worse.  In fact it will probably be a bit better because of the angles. Also, the tank will be higher. The previous screenshot that you all saw is a work in progress.
1. 7/42 battles will be added later this year. There’s also a new tournament system being tested right now and Veider really likes it.
2. There will be some cool changes in the future, but don’t expect something as big as improved physics of 0.8.0 (OP, Havoc support, complete remodel of all tanks with much more polygons and better textures)
3. Bonuses for tanking (SS: the fact you stand there and soak up damage, eg. heavy tanks)
4. Devs do not like the current matchmaking (like 8TD’s in one team and 2 in the other) and we should expect some new tweaks and changes in the next patches.
5. Much more city maps incoming.
1. Object 430 will be added in the future and it will continue the latest USSR MT tree. Object 140 will not be removed from the game and will remain a T10 tank (OP, looks like we will have 3 Tier 10 USSR MTs in the game)
2. New light tanks: RU251 for Germany (~80km/h top speed), Walker Bulldog (will be somewhat a damage dealer) for USA. There’s still a decision to be made about USSR but right now they are considering a “paper” tank. It will have 3 wheels, with a turret that looks somewhat like the T-34-85′s and frontal armor plate which looks like the IS-4′s, but with 90mm armor. Expect more info soon.
1. There were changes in the mapmaking process and team so maps will be more balanced.
2. Reworked “old” maps were made by this team.
3. Veider dislikes Redshire in its current form. He wants it completely remade.
4. Veider thinks that Foch155 is a bit imbalanced
Q: Why did you change the Super Pershing?
A: it had a huge mistake in its collision model and “had something that it wasn’t meant to have.”
Q: Why was the T-50-2 removed?
A: Its role was way too different than what it had in real life. Besides, it was pretty imbalanced. So it was either change it for another tank or nerf it REALLY hard.
Q: You’re such a fans of “historically accurate” tanks. Do you plan to make IS-7 historically correct?
A: No. If we do this, we will have to move him up to Tier 12 or higher.
Q: Do you think that E-25 is imbalanced?
A: Statistics say otherwise. Easy to learn, hard to master.
Q: When can we expect to see garage battles?
A: Probably never. We do not think it’s a good idea.
Q: Another history question. How historically accurate is the IS-4?
A: Not very much because we gave it a new gun. It had only D25-T IRL.
Q: Why did you even release E-series paper tanks with paper engines only to remove them?
A: People change, audiences change, market change, new competitors.
Q: Competitors? Afraid of WarThunder?
A: Yes. But competition is always a good thing.
Q: Why do you sell T-34-3 and 112 only via web-store and do you plan to sell all of the other premium tanks via web-store as well?
A: No. We won’t change anything regarding current and future premium tanks. Selling Chinese premium tanks via web-store only is just a test.
Q: World of Warplanes or WarThunder?
A: I played both of them and liked them both. WoWP is easier to learn.
Q: You nerf and buff tanks according to the winrate of those tanks. Has something changed?
A: A lot. Now we also consider the number of battles, average experience, current tendencies and opinion of the community. That’s why we nerfed the T57 Heavy and Foch 155 in the first place, even when they don’t have the winrate ratio necessitating a nerf.
Q: Why did you nerf arties and buff TDs?
A: Almost every tournament game was heavily dependent on arties. We tried to shift this tendency a bit and we kind of succeeded. TDs were not used in tournament games so we buffed them to be more usable.
Q: Do you plan to nerf TDs to their previous state? With arty nerf there’s lots of TDs in matchmaking.
A: We’re currently investigating this situation but it’s too soon to tell because not much time has passed since the arty nerfs.
Q: T95 needs a buff!
A: No. The T95 is an awesome tank with unique play style. The only bad thing about it is its weak engine.
Q: So about that new German TD tree. Those TDs have almost no armor, are slow, but have very powerful guns. Is this statement correct?
A: Hmmm… Yes.