Monday, September 23, 2013


- the option to buy an additional crewmember with 4 skills when you have the rest of the crew with 4 skills and need one more for the next vehicle won’t be implemented
- Q: “Where can the players whine about buffs/nerfs of tanks?” A: “Nowhere. It’s possible to actually whine about some specific parameters we try to make as historical as possible, for example ‘the speed is not correct’ or ‘I found the correct armor scheme, that is different from the one in game’. Generally however it’s absolutely pointless to whine about tank balance”

- the special “bell” sound when you damage the enemy module (crits) won’t return (SS: anyone has any idea what that is?)
- Object 907 will remain a reward tank, it definitely won’t be implemented as a regular tank
- there is no WG department dealing with conflicts between WoT and 3rd party software (SS: for example the Mumble issues after 8.0)
- there will be a possibility to retrain a tanker from one role to another without any loss of XP (for example radioman to loader), this will however definitely not come in 0.8.9 (it will be possible to do without any crew XP loss, but for gold)
- Storm on MM weight exceptions: “Actually it would be best if there weren’t any exceptions. They not only complicate the MM function, but they also complicate the understanding of players of how MM works. We do them only in exceptional cases.”
- the system that would increase crew skill effectivity based on how many players did the player have with them (SS: as in, a crew with 100 repair and 10k battles would get 10 percent bonus compared to the crew with 100 repair and 1k battles for example) won’t be implemented
- apparently there is another “T-54-like” candidate for a top tier tank (not necesserily Soviet): “When you see it, you’ll be very surprised” (SS: recently the info about a “light tank” T-54 has surfaced again… who knows?)
- when the researchable hulls come, it’s possible some vehicles (specifically those that are prototype/paper projects) won’t have 2nd hulls displayed
- it’s theoretically possible that the Japanese heavy branch will – until lowtier heavy candidates are found – temporarily start from the medium branch (like it is now with the Chinese)
- dynamic tank hangar characteristics: “when it’s done it’s done”
- reward/gift tanks are in the “group of high interest” when it comes to balance

“Object 227″ (KV-7)

KV-7 was a unique self-propelled artillery vehicle that was modified a large number of times. Its turret had three guns (!) so the tank had to become a serious threat for the enemy. But in spring 1942, when they discussed the perspectives and test results of so-called “Object 227″ (KV-7) there was said a phrase that spelt the death for the vehicle – someone rulling the country asked: “Why do we need two or three guns? One good gun is a better idea”. A number of sources put these words into Stalin’s mouth. It should be mentioned that many Soviet commanders shared that opinion. So the project was finally closed, the first vehicle KV-7 was disassembled to be subsequently used as a platform for testing some other equipment.